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03-06-2011, 01:33 PM
Hello guys, I just registered because I had a few questions about a specific type of playstyle I'm trying out, in the form of an auramancer.

1) I chose a melee Evoker for this, are there any other classes that could be better suited for this? Perhaps a Conjuror or Diviner?

2) What prefixes and suffixes should I keep an eye out for? I read something about Tyrants and Despots, is that it?

3) The main issue I'm having right now is just kind of gulping potions like no tomorrow. I think this is due to my pretty terrible gear, but as this is my first character (I have been using Defiler a ton) and I'm only level 42 in epic Act 1, I don't have a large assortment to choose from. Is there any way I can self heal as an Auramancer? Maybe another class has that option? I would trade some of my damage for the ability to heal from the dot (aura is a dot right?) damage I do.

Thanks for all the help so far in the form of previous threads. This looks like it was a great community in it's heyday and I'm hoping there's still a bit of love to go around.


03-06-2011, 02:18 PM
Ring of Flame and Trance of Wrath can be boosted by Int, but Soften Metal and Deathchill gain no bonus from stats and the latter cannot be boosted in any way, only resisted (whereas SM is boosted by +%Damage and +%Total Damage). IMHO only the Evoker and Diviner are really suitable for the job.

Deathchill isn't necessarily weak, but it requires quite a bit of effort as mobs have TWO resistances to it, and while Necrosis can devastate the first of them the second is trickier and starts life at 96% for stronger mobs and bosses. A Conjurer has no way to reduce the second resist other than getting loads of Reduced Resistance from equips and blasting the offending mobs with Ternion, which kinda defeats the purpose of the build :p Besides, both of the Conj's auras have a rather short range...

A Diviner does have a trick up its sleeve; AFAIK ToW reduces this resist by up to 40%, but that's still <60% resistance to Health Reduction damage. Nonetheless it kinda works and you're still only using auras to do the debuffing and the damage ;) One aura deals DoT, reduces resists and disables skill usage, the other inflicts more damage as the mobs get stronger, slows them, destroys certain useful resists and reduces their ability to deal physical and piercing damage. A pretty nasty combo, although one that lacks the useful distraction of the Core Dweller pulling aggro away.

In any case, an auramancer is darn slow to kill stuff although a little less squishy than most casters thanks to Dream.

03-06-2011, 03:39 PM
Hmm, thanks for the quick reply. I might try a Diviner if this doesn't work out. Do you have any suggestions for the other two questions? Not sure exactly how to itemize my gear but right now this is more fun than spamming spells ^^

03-06-2011, 06:21 PM
Ugh. Auramancer is a veteran build as you need good equips to pull it off. I hope you have +4 to all skills already! Its vital for maximizing all skills but especially base damage and effect radius of the auras themselves!

Aura isn't always a DoT, it deals damage once per second. In the case of ToW, it triggers a 4-second EBD DoT instead, and keeps resetting the duration once per second. In the end its academic I'm afraid; ADCtH is effectively a type of damage, not a modifier, so equipping some offhand ADCtH via Soul Shiver, Elemental Rage or a necklace -of Feasting or Necklace of Harmonia will only affect attacks, not spells. And auras are spells. So even if you're dealing flat damage and not a DoT you still can't heal off auras (imagine how stupidly hax Deathchill would be, what with Necrosis breaking mobs' resistance to Life Leech and thus ADCtH!).

This leaves you with three options for health restoration: Get some ADCtH on your Diviner, equip a staff and use Ternion to spread the love. Or use Life Drain/Cascade and their (huge!) innate ADCtH to damage and heal - just focus your casts on nearby mobs getting hit by Deathchill in order to capitalize on Necrosis' Vitality and Life Leech resist reductions. Finally, there's health regen, and its the only option available to the Evoker and hurt by the lack of the usual ToC (can't use it and ToW!). Strap on an Onager (somehow, as it needs over 330 Str!), equip some of the said offhand ADCtH gear and go nuts on +%Health Regen equips. You can also hit enemies using Phantom Strike which boosts damage, and damage boosts life leeched via ADCtH.

ToW is boosted by +%EBD (you can get +60% off Lucid Dream alone, but its not too common on gear), +%Total Damage (Tyrants- prefix on weapons) and Int/+%Int (every 500 Int gives +100% Magic DoT - and that affects the product of the previous sum as it applies AFTER the +% modifiers are added, not just added to them!). You can also boost it by reducing mobs' Lightning Resist. Remember that +%Lightning and +%Elemental does NOT affect Magic DoT! Best boosts to ToW is Archimedes/Plato/Socrates/-of Aurury/Divination gear for +%Int and any decent +%EBD uniques you can find.

RoF deals flat Fire damage, which is a bit easier to boost as you have Earth's EE and Volativity racking up +145% Fire damage and 33% chance of +245% Fire damage. Nice. Later on there's also the Eye of Ra and Hephaestus' Seals for +60% Fire each. On their own thats an average of +423% Fire Damage, boosting RoF up to ~355 Fire Damage per second before you multiply by Int. Sadly flat magic damage doesn't get as big a boost as DoT, and you need 650 Int for every +100% Magic Damage, so you'd need a very tricky 1200 Int to surpass the 1000-Fire-damage-per-tick-level, and that's nothing compared to Legendary's mobs' Health (and universal +30 Fire Resist :o).

There's also SM, which hits 45 kinetic damage per second. Unlike weapon damage, kinetic damage, while Physical class, is not boosted by Str, and still has to deal with mobs' Armor absorbing most of it. So even with a stack of +%Damage (you get +69% Damage from Lucid Dream and Brimstone as an Evoker) don't expect it to work wonders. Ironically its a little better off as a Conjurer, as Deathchill's RoT damages Armor Absorption so more of the damage passes through their armor, but it'll still be weedy.

And as I said, you can't boost Deathchill directly. Vitality resist is busted by Necrosis, but %RtH resist can only be reduced a bit by ToW, and after that you'd need to hit with a weapon while equipping Reduced Resistance gear (MKTs, Shen Nong, I think Sapros' Str requirement is just a bit too high... :p) to damage it badly and give the victim three stronger ticks from it (as the debuff would only last three seconds after the initial hit).

03-07-2011, 10:14 AM
The problem with a Diviner is that he doesn't have Stoneform.

With any Earth mage, once you get -66% recharge and some cast speed, you basically have all the time in the world.
Conjurer can use this trick to great effect on all enemies except bosses. But if you want to kill only with that, Evoker is probably the way to go. He also has damage reflction.

03-07-2011, 11:55 AM
As others have mentioned it's extremely gear dependent. I'm currently slowly building up my Evoker auramancer (ROF + TOW). Through all of act 1 epic I can still get about 50% of the mobs with 1 pass of TOW + 1 pop of ROF, about 30-40% with 1 pass of TOW + 2 pops of ROF, and the rest are very high HP which take a bit, but Eruption can take care of that. Eruption + auras + stone form while standing on top of it is how you deal with bosses.

Note that this is at lvl 47 with ~60% extra fire damage from gear, 650int (I put every single attribute point into int), and +4 to all skills. It's definitely an interesting build, but past act 3 normal it starts relying on gear to kill things fast. Key word is fast (as in a single pass and no more than 2 pops of ROF).

You'll need TONS of int (again I put every point there) to get your damage up, but the trade off is you become pretty weak. Your DA will suck and it's going to be tricky to get 100% projectile avoidance. So far I can deal with it with high resistances, some +HP (about 3.5k), and good health regen (currently about 50hp/s), but you have to keep moving. If you stand still you're going to get owned.

PS. This is with Xmax from the very beginning, so I can imagine it being way easier for anyone playing the vanilla game ... but not nearly as fun.