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05-16-2006, 09:14 PM
I have a, um, cynical bud who's a big Neverwinter Nights player. He thinks forcing players to use a new character or importing a character from the original campaign is a mistake as far as the custom quests. His thought is:
It may stop cheating, but it's a total big mistake. It means that small modules, which are the mainstay of any *real* modding community, are not useful. You need to, at the very least, be able to save your "custom quest" character to use in other "custom quests".

Face it, even one small NWN dungeon (or call it an "act" given that the tiny demo of TQ is considered two "acts"), if it is not to look and feel totally machine-generated and boring, can take 40-100 hours to craft. If mods can't be small and allow incremental persistent play of a single character, they will not be interesting to most people.

The meat and potatoes of NWN mods is not the very few individuals and groups who craft entire replacement worlds, it's the hundreds of folks who try their hand at a short adventure. Maybe one in a hundred ends up getting it right, but that means a steady flow of good adventures every month or two. And armed with the positive feedback, and not burned out from a gargantuan effort, those folks go back and create more good modules as they have time.He's rather cynical, like I said. :) I'm just wondering if his point is valid. Or will we be able to save the progress of characters during custom quests?

A simpler way to put it: If I use a new character to play "Blackjack's First Quest" and reach level 4. Can I then take that level 4 character and use him to play in "John Doe's Second Quest" later on?

05-17-2006, 02:15 AM
Yes you can, you just can't use the same character in the main quest again. You can using him in different custom quests all you want.

By the way you should tell your friend that there is not two acts in the demo. There is just a tiny part of one act.


05-17-2006, 03:30 AM
Thanks. :) Hopefully he'll poke around here at some point. Apparently he's already pre-ordered it so it's not so much that he needs convincing to get it -- he's just very analytical about things.

I've recommended it to a couple friends I play City of Heroes with and I'm hoping they'll both give TQ a try.:clap:

05-17-2006, 06:58 AM
And hopefully there wikll be a bit less effort to create TQ custom quests than there is is working with the Aurora editor. Granted, the best custom quests will take a great deal of work to create, but I'd read that a good hours work with the editor with produce an hour of playable time (in it's basic form I assume; strictly a HnS rather than a story driven quest with multiple side quests etc).

I agree with his assessment that there will a large % of standard HnS custom quests compared to really unique and inspired quests coming out of the community, but based on how easy the editor appears to be to use, we can count on a large amount of custom quests getting made. The editor, to my mind, will be one of TQs saving graces as the modding community starts to turn out alot of custom content.

I'm hoping I can produce some pretty good work with it that's appreciated.