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05-10-2010, 01:34 PM
Hiya, I'm starting up a new multiplayer game of Titan Quest with my girlfriend & her roommate. I've already played through the game completely on a Conqueror and through Legendary/Epic (whichever was the second difficulty) on a Harbinger, Templar (that was a blast with a "regen" build), Brigand, Warden, and Thane (probably the hardest for me). Also whatever Dream/Nature is and Nature/Hunting.

I've gone through the game a lot, but they have only gotten about a third of the way through Act II before restarting to go with more damaging builds. Now, I'm not going to say they "suck", since they really haven't had a chance to get used to the game and all yet, but they do die more often than I would have thought. Since they both want to go with Melee-oriented builds, I thought I'd make a supporting-type character.

I'm not against doing a Dream/ or a Nature/ build, since I will mostly be focusing on supporting them and not killing everything in sight, but what sort of builds are best for just supporting comrades? At no point will I be responsible for killing stuff nor will I be soloing. I just want to heal, buff, and debuff pretty much. I don't really want to do Dream/Nature again, either, though any other combination is one I'm open to.

Any suggestions?

05-10-2010, 04:25 PM
It really depends on whether the two toons have Rogue, Hunting, Storm, Dream or Nature between them. Whatever they have, you don't want. Support toons for multiplayer other than Ritualist include:

Guardian. Lots of pets, buffs and bashing stuff, and two healing spells. Slightly more front-line, best suited to supporting frail caster/ranged builds.

Soothsayer. Ranged AoE attacks thanks to Ternion to help spread status effects and -resists on weapon and jewellery, Plague for debuffing, and lots of pets (wolves, Lich, one-point Outsider and one-point Nymph) and healing.

Diviner. Not the usual idea of a support build but if you already have a Nature toon in there (especially a Champion!) then you can support your allies better with ToC and the Nightmare's Mastermind. This pet build is all about quality over quantity. And you still have Ternion for mass-debuff-and-status-spam!

Champion. The ying to the Diviner's yang (and a great synergising toon as a result!). Not neccessary unless both melee toons decide for more esoteric non-Warfare builds. Aside from the heals, pets, buffs and debuffs of Nature you can debuff enemy move speed and DA with an Onslaught-ed bow, let off a stun-nuke with War Horn and try to proc weapon effects at the same time, and for major furballs you can pop off a Battle Standard for huge buffs (and debuffs if you're all running the fanpatch) and, if you really need (lots of) helping hands fire the Ancestral Horn and let the Battle Standard and wolves' SotP synergize the hell outta everybody!

Druid. All the perks of Nature (see above!) plus Storm's very nasty line of damage debuffs. You have Storm Surge and Heart of Frost for dealing with melee toons, Spell Breaker and Spell Shock for making caster mobs' heads explode and the infamous Squall tree for a ridiculous mixture of damage, damage reduction, -%resists and the utter neutering of ranged mobs. In a gigantic, 6-second AoE spell. Oh, and Thunderball can deal lots of stun but Squall is way more fun! And you have the Wisp's EotS for extra Cold/Lightning resistance and a huge +150% Elemental Damage in a huge radius, benefiting many allies! One of the few pet builds that works well with Elemental-based pet gear.

Illusionist. This class is pure supporting asshattery! Nature yada yada yada... but now you have Rogue's special line of super-nasty crowd control to back you up! Throwing Knives with maxed Flurry, Nightshade and Mandrake plus some -recharge gear is just mean! So then add a Artifact or jewellery with some extra -resists, stun or other nasty disabling ailment...

Sorceror: This one is a bit different. The others have some Nature or other Masteries that bring out the best in your pets (and often everyone else in a 14-metre radius!) but the Knife Sorc only has the Wisp, and that's just for EotS. The ultra-frail, "aggressive defense" Sorceror specializes solely in unleashing a damaging ocean of debuffing evil upon your hapless foes. The tactic is simple - drop a Squall then (depending on enemy types) nail them with Flurry (with Envenom active) or Spell Shock before they can draw breath. Anything left standing is most likely silenced or walking in little circles, and completely vulnerable to your front line mowing them down! Add -resists or status artifacts/jewellery (such as Aphrodite's Favor) to taste and let your mates and their pets do the heavy lifting! Or, if they get competitive late-game and laugh at you just equip an Ethereal Veil, a couple of Arctic rings, and watch your knife volleys start tearing mobs to pieces!!

05-10-2010, 05:20 PM
I think it would be best if you planned your three builds together. If they choose their masteries unwisely (as newer players are wont to do), it could limit your options a lot, or result in you having to double up on masteries.

For your part, I think the best option would be the final one in Solitaire's list: Sorcerer. Why Sorc? Well, two reasons. Firstly, a healing support build is tres boring. How challenging is it to identify which of the party is in trouble and then click Regrowth on them? Boooooring. Far better to make a build where, instead of healing them, you're doing their crowd control instead. In other words, it's not your job to heal them. As the senior player, it's your job to help them avoid trouble in the first place.

Sorc is brilliantly suited to that. With Squall, you can keep them from getting peppered by arrows and other projectiles at range. With Thunderball, you can stun melee mobs who seem too strong. With Freezing Blast, you can temporarily segregate and disable Heroes (or Dragonian Mages and other nasties) from the trash that surround them. With Spell Breaker/Spell Shock, you can turn off dangerous monster auras and skills, switch off Plague when it's cast on the party, and so on.

From Rogue, Throwing Knives and Nightshade/Mandrake allow you to distract and confuse melee monsters who threaten to overwhelm them. And with Traps, you can play a huge part in determining the flow of battles. By casting your Traps well to start each fight, you can draw a lot of aggro off them, and also cause monsters to bunch up in certain spots (around the Traps) to make their AoE attacks more effective. You could also stick very close to them and cast Flash Powder to confuse attacking mobs.

It'll be a busy build in which you won't be doing much damage on your own, but you'll certainly be playing a massive role in keeping them alive and winning battles.

With Storm and Rogue accounted for, what two masteries should they take? I'd go for Nature, Warfare, Spirit and Dream, in the form of a Champion and melee Diviner. That gives you the Wolves and Heart of Oak of Nature, the Liche King, Outsider and Necrosis of Spirit, the Battle Standard and Ancestors of Warfare and the Nightmare and Trances from Dream - all great party skills.

A dual wielder and a melee Diviner aren't the tankiest toons around. But honestly, with the amount of protection around them, they should be fine.

05-10-2010, 08:58 PM
I probably should have said it before, but I don't want any pets - I want them to be able to kill things and enjoy the game. We're all going to be voice-chatting the entire time so I won't really be bored if I'm mostly healing/debuffing. Besides, it'll let them have fun just experimenting with their characters...isn't that half the fun? :P

I think one of them is leaning towards a Thane but I'm trying to convince the other to try a Brigand or else a Spellbinder/Breaker. Right now I'm leaning towards Oracle (that's Nature/Storm, right?) for the Squalls, heals, & debuffs. Since I won't be there to cause damage specifically I'll be able to focus more on different powers and have a pretty different build. Should be interesting. Will feel weird not having the wolves out wreaking havoc, but should be fun nonetheless. My other option that I've been debating has been a Spellbinder, using the buffs/debuffs from the two sets. Not sure how I'd equip myself since I'd probably have to be in the front lines to be any use, though.

05-11-2010, 02:31 AM
I say try the druid (Storm/Nature). It makes a good support unit(debuffs, healing) and is able to cause large amounts of damage (ice shard). You properly need to reconfigure some of the hotkeys to more convenent locations though, scince you need to use quite alot of skills.


The titancalc contains my druid skill config.

(need to go now. Will explain more when I have time)

The point of this build is to spam as much -elemental debuffs as posible, namely using suall and plague. This two skills are also good as squall allows range attacks to miss and plague slows down all incomeing mobs. Also, storm surge stuns any monster that hits you with a nice aoe effect. This allows you to spam ice shard and kill the leagons of evil minnons.

To help your buddies, you have heart of oak tree and the storm wisp.

05-11-2010, 07:54 AM
I think Irma's plan was quite good, except that I'd replace either Spirit or Storm with Hunting. That is another great group buff mastery - poison resistance, speed, trap immunity, extra damage, even more vs animals/beastmen... and then there is Study Prey. Also, think about what your traps and knives will then be like when Warrior drops his Battle Standard (the Warfare group buff).

So if you used Rogue/Storm as the debuffing knife-thrower, the one you wanted to be Brigand could pick a Hunting/Nature -also a good bowie-, leaving the melee with Warfare and Dream.

If nobody else inflicts elemental damage, however, and there are other damage reducing skills (Standard, Necrosis), I'd rather drop Storm instead of Spirit.

And yo said you wanted Nature with your Poison knives. In that case the other two could roll Hunting/Dream for an overpowered bowie or spearwielder, and Spirit/Warfare for a melee bosskiller.

In any case, your group will stack so many buffs that it should be a pice of cake.

05-11-2010, 09:02 AM
Yeah, Storm is not a great mastery to have for a party that does physical damage. I included it primarily because of Squall, to make it easier for the newish melee players who tend to die more often than they should.

Without pets and with no casters in the group to use Ternion, Spirit's appeal also diminishes greatly. So Hunting would be a stronger pick all round.

Come to think of it (although going OT here as he doesn't want pets), I wonder how effective it would be to have a "pet damage reflection" party that included Dream (ToE), Defense (Defiance) and Storm (Reflection). All three skills reflect damage and, even though it's only a proc chance, Reflection is quite significant at higher levels. If all three stacked and Reflection procced, the damage reflected would be at around 270% at max level +4. With the potential for a dozen or more pets (five Ancestors, three Wolves, Nightmare, Liche King, Outsider, Core Dweller), that's gotta hurt any AoE monster or boss in Legendary. :D

05-12-2010, 12:48 AM
Player One has gone with 'Thane', since she loved the idea of dual-wielding sparkly swords.

Player Two (gf) has gone with 'Spellbinder', the mix of abilities just appealed to her especially since Defense gets some area-effect attacks.

Player Three (me) has gone with 'Haruspex', with focus on the buffs/debuffs. I have the Aura of Convalescence (soon, anyway) and Herbal Remedy for some passive healing ability, so far it's pretty fun. We're at the shrine right before the Labyrinth in Act I, all around level 13-14. Good times. Lots of deaths from the Thane, but it's really been a lot of fun.

I want to thank everyone for the advice, I would have never thought of using Hunting's buffs/debuffs since I mostly think of the set as purely offensive. Just goes to show how versatile different builds can be within the same class.

05-12-2010, 08:02 AM
Indeed. Thanks to things like Flush Out, Monster Lure, and the bonus vs. beasts being universal, Hunting can even be good for mages.

Spellbinder is a great choice for GFs since it's one of the most robust chars around. :)

While sparkly swords are nice, your Thane should decide whether she wants those for their damage, which would require lots of intelligence and gear, or focus on her strength instead and use Squall etc. for protection only. Though I myself encourage players to try the cattle-prod variety, the strong one is definitely much easier for a beginner.

Same for you, btw. If you don't want your Haru to be the overpowered bow killer most newbies play, there is the possibility to play him as an intelligent mage and foucs on slow, Sleep and Distort Reality to set up and weaken monsters for your friends to kill.

05-12-2010, 10:24 AM
Yup. You not only have the ability to entrap, draw aggro and debuff resists with Hunting but can also put enemies to sleep, slow them right down or even petrify them with Dream. And your Nightmare can Confuse them easily with just two points invested! (one in Nightmare and one in Hypnotic Gaze) :)

Nalgas D. Lemur
05-12-2010, 06:14 PM
Player One has gone with 'Thane', since she loved the idea of dual-wielding sparkly swords.
Lots of deaths from the Thane, but it's really been a lot of fun.

Heh. That's exactly why I picked a Thane a few months ago, and exactly the same result. One of the most fun class combos I've played, but especially if you go int-heavy, you will learn to fear even weak enemies later in the game playing as one. With enough strength to wear heavier armor she might hold up better, but my int-based one got wrecked by just about everything I ran into in Act 4 if I got distracted for even a second or two. Stabbing people in the face with lightning bolts is too hilarious to resist, though.

05-12-2010, 10:09 PM
Yeah, she's having a blast with it so far. We did turn off the death penalty in Defiler (so we don't get separated in levels too much) so it's not so bad, but we're all having fun. She's not dying nearly as much at level 25 compared to before, but now we all have much better defenses and offenses. I'm surprised how much I'm enjoying the complete-support route, I don't think I've used my spear but a handful of times when I killed a runner.

05-19-2010, 08:36 PM
Well, we've run through Normal and partway into Epic (Act 2) before we decided to start over.

So, any suggestions? This time my gal is going to play a ranged character (most likely a bow brigand or a haruspex), the roomy is going to be a Corsair (she likes the poisons and wants some survivability), we have a 4th player that's one of my gal's coworkers and he is going to play an Assassin with focus on traps, and I'm not sure what I'm going to play. Again. Not really bent on playing a full-support character, but it would be nice to have some buffs/debuffs/heals to throw around. We don't play on playing past Normal with this group, though we might do some farming runs or something after we defeat Hades.

I was thinking about making a 'caster' Seer, see how I like that. I don't know that it will be terribly feasible without some of the equipment you get in Epic/Legendary, but I am pretty tempted. Then again, maybe I'll go for a Harbinger and just bring the pain. Any thoughts on what would be nice to flesh out the group or else enhance it? Still under the 'no pets' rule, pretty much. If we didn't have a rule against twinking this time I'd probably run a regen/reflection Templar. That crap is nuts in Normal difficulty :D

05-19-2010, 08:51 PM
Not sure. If you focused heavily on Squall usage (which rips stuff apart in Normal) you'd do pretty well, as IIRC the recharge time for Squall is 5 seconds while the spell's duration is actually 6 seconds ;)

05-20-2010, 05:04 AM
If you want heals/buffs/debuffs and there is no Nature yet, that would be a good choice.

As for a petless Nature build, a Shard-, Squall- and Plague-throwing Druid might fit in well.