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12-17-2009, 10:44 PM
Try not to turn this into a "buying vs finding" argument please and thank you.

Idea popped into my head when I had decided to buy some MI that are just too annoying to farm. (Batrachos greaves -_-) Basically the premise is this:

You use a shop mod to buy a MI or you use TQvault to complete a set due to either having bad seeds or it just requiring an inhuman investment of time for just one item. Whatever the reason you decide to do it, you still feel a bit guilty but don't know what to do other then farm the item again but don't care about it's quality.

This thread is for people to make up challenges so you "earn" the items you make. The thing to keep in mind is you don't need to do anything if you don't feel like it but i'd rather do something to make it feel like i've earned the items even though I bought them.

So post any ideas you have can even make them into a sort of achievement system if someone would want it or just plain do them for fun / a challenge.

A few i've come up with:

- Go to every crystal location to earn another erebus token.
- Defeat Toxeus in a straight up fight with no - damage from undead items. :rockon: (Only done this up to epic)
- Defeat Hades by himself or with copies without any vitality resist gear.
- Defeat bosses using the opposite type of weapon. (ie. instead of using my mace I used a bow.)

Feel free to post any you have. Don't, not post an idea just because a certain class can it no sweat i'm sure someone will find it hard.

12-18-2009, 03:40 AM
2nd one is easy to achieve with a 'demolish everything' char.4th one....which is the opposite of one weapon???3rd isn't that hard either.

12-20-2009, 02:11 AM
Say you use a sword.. use a staff. You'll be weak with one. If you use a staff, use a bow. A mage using a sword would be pretty hard, you have to admit. It would be possible but gl not dying.. You have 50 str so it'll do very low damage and you have very low health. But, I never like farming for stuff that takes foreeeeever but I always feel so guilty for cheating my equips.. I think this challenge would be a great idea. The thing about fighting a boss with the opposite weapon has to be slightly changed, though. You cannot use summons because it would be no challenge watching your 3 wolves, nymph, summon nightmare or Dweller or what ever pet you have killing one boss. And you run around taking no damage and watch your pets do it all and heal your pets and also re-summon them. Would be waaay too easy. There are probably more loop holes to make it way easier but I can't think of any.

You could fight Hades on the difficulty you were on before. Say on Epic, you fight him in Normal BUT with no armor. To make it even harder if your character is that good, use a really bad weapon. I'm not saying a level 1 weapon but I'm not saying your lvl 50 weapon. That could possibly make it easy depending on how your character is. Also, no summons because like the thing I said before, you wont have to fight any bosses, just watch. Also, no Artifacts/rings, etc. ONLY a weapon. This could be pretty easy for Mages/Archers but I can still see them dying. Also, no potions. And that's including MP so it'll be harder for mages.

And, when you say any boss, I don't think it should be a boss like the very first one. Would be easy. I say Typhon or Hades. If you haven't gotten to them in Epic or what ever, do it in Normal or the difficulty before.

I think the better the item, the harder the challenge. Fight maybe one Hades with no armor for just an alright item but fight 3 hades, no armor or anything, low level weapon, no potions for an amazing item.

These are just some ideas..

07-30-2010, 12:17 AM
Defeating Toxeus with a weapon you wouldn't use... hmm. My Diviner (Ternion of Harrowing) kills him on Legendary using Ares Wrath and Priam's Gate because it's actually safer than Ternion! So I'm not sure that's a valid challenge. And besides, once you've done it once or twice that becomes an easy excuse to buy another MI... Unless you decide that maybe the valid challenge is to kill say Megalesios on your highest difficulty with only one piece of equipment on by the character that needs the item (though this may be too easy for classes that kite the boss by default, of course).

I would say it's still got to come down to finding something comparable in the game, since you're buying something to reduce your search time (particularly wrt to the affixes you get on the item). I would say you need to still search but maybe for something a little easier to find, but no less awkward to complete. Perhaps it you want that Hale Stonebinder's Cuffs of Alacrity, then take the challenge to find the same mods on Gorgon Cuffs on the same difficulty and at least one dual affix Stonebinder's Cuffs (any quality). That way you could say your MI shop was actually a magical forge. This way, the next time you want cuffs for a different toon, you still have to go find something.

Alternatively go out and complete a Greater (if the item you want is an Epic item) or Divine (if legendary) Artifact. You may 'cheat' to the extent that lower level characters may assist in finding the required arcane formulae/relics/charms that are pre-requisites to the one you are hoping to complete, but you must start by finding said formula with said toon (eg kill Typhon until he drops one). Making these things from scratch is not trivial, and perhaps you can say that the MI shop has the item you want but at the cost of a freshly completed artifact+the cash (you must throw the artifact away when done). The benefit here is that you can still adventure with lower level toons while completing your quest.