View Full Version : Best gear for conqueror?

10-15-2009, 03:20 AM
I am currently on my lvl 58 conq in legendary. I have been farming for a couple of days for a Sapros, but I have been wondering what the best end game gear for a conqueror is. Sorry for the noobery, but if anyone could take some time and tell me what to get and possibly where to farm it I would appreciate it! :)


10-15-2009, 05:32 PM
Visor of the Shadowlord || Secret Passage and Hades, epic, legendary
Aionios || Secret Passage and Hades, legendary
Sapros the Corrupter || Legendary Polyphemus
Barbarian's Spiked Greaves (or maybe Athena's Battle Greaves) || BSG -> act 4 leg, ABG -> legendary
Stonebinder's Cuffs (with epic Herakle's might with +27% dmg bonus for example) || Minoan labyrinth, more info can be found with search.
Ferrus Gnosi || Act 1 legendary, very rare
Star of Ishtar || Act 4 leg
Pendant of Immortal Rage || Secret Passage and Hades, legendary
Star of Elysium || Secret Passage and Hades, legendary
Some ring, perhaps Hale (of immortality, of adroitness, of stength) with Demon's Blood (+% vitality resistance completion bonus)

You'll have all your primary and secondary resistances maxed. 42% damage resistance. +4 all skills. About 6k health. 1100 OA, 1200 DA (even more with Battle Awareness). DPS is trough the roof, so is survivability. You can't die unless you try really hard.