View Full Version : Key Trilogy by Nora Roberts

06-07-2009, 11:42 PM
Key of Light
Key of Knowledge
Key of Valor

All three books are a splendid read. They are rather light hearted and somewhat romantic.
The series is about three fairies from the faerie Kingdom being locked in a box by a evil sorcerer that wished to take over the kingdom. The King wouldn't give in to the sorcerer. Even though they were his own children that were locked away. It was decided that the three would stay locked away until three chosen mortals could find the keys and release them.

This series takes place after generations of chosen had tried to unlock the box. It was approaching the final chance. Upon failure the souls would stay locked away forever and the sorcerer would get ownership of the kingdom.
I don't think I gave away anything you wouldn't get off the book jackets.

Though lighthearted , with little violence and a lot of Romance. Their isn't so much Romance that Fantasy readers will find it unappealing. Just enough thrill is in the books to keep you reading all night long. I loved this series a lot and I usually don't read Romance books.