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10-11-2007, 04:09 AM
Can any1 help me make ESPECTRO skin in this thread http://www.titanquest.net/forums/skin-modifications/18265-more-new-skins.html for male

10-12-2007, 06:24 PM
Zsaric13 is working on it. We have been exchanging information via pm. Here is some info:

First get a decent paint program. Some people like PhotoShop. I use Gimp, which is free and very powerful.

Open any male TEX file in the texture viewer and save it as PSD. The PSD file will look exactly like the TEX. To start painting open your files and be sure you have the Channels and Layers windows open. To do that, go to the Dialogs menu and click on each of those. The alpha layer is located in the Channels, while the Background is located in layers. Click on the one you want to paint to set it as the paint location. Then, paint as any other program. With practice you can start using some of the advanced tools.

The way the alpha layer works is that everything colored black will become transparent. So, to make the Espectro skin, just color everything black except the eyes (if you want).

Save the PSD. Convert back to TEX. To convert back to TEX:

Place your TEX file in your root TQ folder (NOT the Immortal Throne folder). Create a batch file in the root folder:

texturecompiler XXX.psd femalepc01_white.tex

where XXX.psd is your texture file, and the femalepc01_white.tex is the TEX file (your male TEX file will have a different file name, since it is for male). Run the batch file and it will create your TEX.

Now create another batch file with this (to patch your game with your skin):

archivetool "resources\creatures.arc" -replace "femalepc01_white.tex" "resources\"

again, the femalepc01_white.tex needs to be changed to your male skin. Keep the "" as they are needed.

If you don't know how to create a batch file, it's simple. Open notepad, and create a text file with the above strings. Then rename the text file from *.TXT to *.BAT

Hope that helps ;)

11-28-2007, 11:23 PM
All hail mighty OoALEJOoO!!! :clap: Thanks so much for reminding me about GIMP!!
I completely forgot I already had it for editing my Diablo 2 weapons last year! And I was just gonna use MS Paint! :silenced: