View Full Version : Many problems

07-01-2006, 02:36 AM
For the last several days I've been struggling with Titan Quest. I get my characters corrupted all the time. Then I can't play with that character. I can get it back by deleting some queue files but the results are somewhat random and quests I have don't get undone and stuff just generally gets hosed up.

I've tried everything on the boards here and nothing seems to work. I have even gone and tried the pirate version to see if that would help but no luck there either. Although the no dvd crack is very nice I've avoided it for the time being to verify that nothing I'm doing breaks it. I've also been playing with firewall and antivirus software off on the chance that that is a problem.

I've tried audio off, accelleration off.

The next big issue is lan play. I have several buddies and we play games over the lan using Hamachi which simulates a lan but no luck. I either get the message unable to connect or session terminated when trying to connect to the game listed.

Ironically this would be a good game if it worked... Right now I'm pretty much wanted to return it and I'll mess with the pirated version till something works then maybe I'll buy it again. I like to buy software to pay the developers and cause it is the right thing. But man all the protections now days make it harder and harder to even play them. I have to remove alcohol 120, I have to keep track of a silly code it I want to reinstall. I have to have the CD in my computer. Sometimes I wonder anyone considers that that cure might be worse then the disease....

Anyway I guess I'll hang onto this till July 5th and see if it works better. I have 14 days to return it.