View Full Version : Constant HDD usage in Hades - just me?

Mune Caroon
05-04-2007, 08:06 AM
Hi y'all,

got TQ-IT v1.11 after playing the demo+normal TQ for a month.

Game runs a bit slow in "Hades" areas as compared to TQ areas.
I noticed that my harddrive keeps being busy even when just standing still (fast blinking, some read/write going on non-stop).

This started to happen in Hades underground areas, didn't notice before.
I load the game, enter at "Tower of Judgment" and just stand there.
My HDD starts to keep going from thereon.
Ovarall I can still play the game "oh-kay" though it doesn't seem healthy for my PC.

my sys:
K8N-Neo4 + Athlon64 3200
ATI X1600
2x Infineon 1G DDR2
Seagate 160 GB (partitioned + defragged)
latest drivers for gra-card, DirectX 9.0c

Game is running in fullscreen @ 1280x1024
I tried with what I was reading about improving performance, turned off sound completely, all graphic settings down, finally went for a lower res altogether.
That didn't help with the HDD useage.

Anyone able to help me?