View Full Version : What are your favorite screenshots?

J Bone
03-22-2006, 11:45 AM
http://mediaviewer.ign.com/ignMediaPage.jsp?media_id=3091192&object_id=693967&channel_id=227&page_title=Titan+Quest+Interview+-+Part+1&adtag=network%3Dign%26size%3D468x60%26channel%3Drp gvault%26site%3Drpgvault_hub%26channel%3Dfeatures% 26type%3Dpartner
I like this one for combat. The eerie feeling of finally meeting up with the minotaur!

In this screen there isn't alot going on but the backround is amazing. The hieroglyphics on the wall are stunning. I decifered them and...

I really like this one because it has it all. You have combat, just enough effects(lightning/smoke), and the backround details are breathtaking. I can't figure out why the lightning is broken near the top, but I still love this one.