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06-30-2006, 03:47 AM
... for my next char (yes I'm getting ahead of myself :) )

This char would be for coop play, and my idea is to focus on summons/healing from nature and ternion/deathchill from spirit.

Anybody tried this?

Was wondering also if auras stack, e.g. heart of oak and deathchill.

06-30-2006, 11:47 AM
I rolled this char last night :) for coop with the wife.

I was hoping for a pure healer type, to keep her rogue/storm dps monster alive. She got some amazing drops and is just tearing it up. My build though, so far, I'm not too exited with.

Heart of the Oak + A bit up the Healing tree have been great for us.

The wolf summons where good at first, but now the wolf just seems to suck up all my healing. I don't really need an offtank, that's for the wife's rogue to do. I think I'll get those points back when we hit Delphi.

As far as Spirit goes all I've grabbed is Death Chill (and yes it stacks with Heart of Oak). While this AOE effect is nice, what I've noticed is it means I need to get in the thick of it (range is short) with the Rogue. And often times the Aura hits before she's hit the mobs, and soon I have a buncha extra aggro on me. Seems like a great aura for a melee, but at this point not sure about for the main healer. Before Delphi mystic I'm going to sink a few more points in it though, and see if a bigger radius and greater slowing helps. Maybe I can dash out of the miss and kite a bit.

Anyhow. I'm anxious to get further up the Nature tree to improve my healing a bit.

06-30-2006, 01:12 PM
Well, I hear that ternion is extremely effective, and it would let you stand back and dps as well as healing.

I gather the nymph summons works better than the wolves at higher levels, too. She's ranged so she should be safer.

06-30-2006, 01:54 PM
I went Nature/Storm with my first attempt. My findings were similiar.

On Nature.....

At level 16 with the wolves maxxed I could already see a few trends starting. At lower levels the wolves were little terrors charging all over my screen. I could definitely see them starting to tail off in damage and survivability as my level progressed. The nymph is great. She flings out arrows like a machine gun and is pretty good about avoiding agro and staying at range. The HP buff in nature is also great. Healing with pets gets a ton better once you get dissemination (chain heal) and you can heal everyone with a single cast, but you will be healing frequently. Most fights I barely had an offensive impact at all because i spent the whole fight keeping the wolves alive.

I put almost all of my points into nature, and have decided to park this character until i get a better grasp of game mechanics. I could swap my points out from wolves and into the AOE and damage spells from Storm, but 20 points at lower levels into raising Nature just for the nymph and a couple nice lower tier skills seems like a waste. So for now, I started a Spirit caster and his damage, and the more helpful pet makes life a lot easier.

On Spirit.....

The pet is definitely better, although very similiar to the nymph. My damage output is also better. I miss being able to heal and initially Terrion is rather weak. I realize that points will make a big difference, but it is a painful few levels until you can get the lich lord. If you go with the standard caster template, you will still have mobs in your face frequently. This character will likely take Earth as a secondary. The earth pet may be marginal, but if he can keep things out of my face long enough to get a couple of upgraded Volcanic Orbs off, life will be easy. Earth has a ton of great stacking +Fire buffs and skills. This guy will utterly destroy undead and still have useful skill like life drain against other mobs.

Since I managed game dynamics.....

Agro in this game is odd. I can send my pets into a group of mobs at the adge of the screen that clearly havent taken notice of me yet. Invariably at least one of the mobs in the pack will charge me and ignore the closer pets. With so many points in healing, buffs, and pets, this left me rather defenseless. It becomes a much bigger issue when you face bosses that wipe out your minions with a single instant AOE. I then find myself with 90% of my skill points wasted or waiting on timers. Relying on pets makes the game a tough balancing act. Weak pets will leave you doing all of the damage and spending time resummoning constantly, yet strong pets will be more helpful and leave you defenseless.


06-30-2006, 04:35 PM
I found the spirit skill "vision of death" is very powerful, especially to the ranger and caster mobs. Only one skill point can get the mobs to have 66% chance to miss attack for 11 seconds. When I casted it on Medusa, she just shooted arrows to my sides and hit nothing. When I casted it on caster mobs, they just casted lightning on the bare ground and hit nothing:)