View Full Version : Game Unplayable, Main Screen Crash to Desktop

06-29-2006, 11:50 PM
I recieved my preorder in the mail this morning, and before installing read basically every post here in the technical corner.

Like many others I am experiencing crashes, but it seems not like others.
The game installed fine and can load up the logo movies and intro movie.

The First instance I was able to Create a character and watch the opening movie for single player and then once the movie was over It crashed to desktop.

I have tried numerous times, each time it crashes back to desktop.

So far it seems random wether I can get to the single player opening movie or sometimes I can only just get past the logo movies.

I have read all the current work arounds and fixes for my current system, but to no avail.

I haven't posted for a quickfix, just basically to report the bug to the devs.
A dev response would be good to see, if this has been reported by other players or not.

My DXDiag Txt File exceeds the attachment limit for these forums so I uploaded elsewhere.

Heres a Link to my DXDiag for your info: