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03-12-2007, 10:50 AM
I've noticed something kind of wierd since watching a lot of the character screens in shots of items people have been getting, it seems to me my character is way way underpowered/geared but I don't know which or why.

I'm playing an Assassin, currently lvl 60 with virtually every point spent on DPS skills. I have a pretty decent gear setup, 2x Legendary weapons, legendary chest/boots/ring/gloves/helm etc. Only thing I'm lacking is neck and 1 x ring slot. The thing is in other peoples character screens of similar levels some of them have like 6000 dps on their meters, while I'm averaging about 2000... Even a guy with a lvl 42 ranger had equal dps to me! Thing is my dps seems really good for playing through the game, I can run into a pack of mobs and devour them all in seconds, and I'm critting all the time for 2-3k (between 8-13k on Lethal Strikes).

I just find it very strange that characters using 1h/shield or lower level ones are doing such greater dps than I, its not like I've gimped myself with crappy skills or bad stat points, I've pretty much maxed out strength with a little dex (1000+ str, 350~ dex), and at least IMO my skills are very well laid out.

Lastly I realise most people played TQ all the way through while this is my first ever character playing IT, so some are likely to be decked out in a lot nicer gear.

But is this a gear problem? Or stats or skills? Or maybe these people are hacking their characters?

Any advice would be appreciated (gear and skill distribution to come shortly).






Weapon 1:


Weapon 2:


03-12-2007, 11:02 AM
A lot of screens you may have seen are characters that are likely hacked using a trainer, or are ingame with 'buffs' from other characters present in a game.

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Ring 1:


Ring 2:


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A lot of screens you may have seen are characters that are likely hacked using a trainer, or are ingame with 'buffs' from other characters present in a game.

First off, sorry to all for the spam posts, won't allow more than 4 images per post here :)

In response, yeah it's possible they have hacked characters, but I don't know why people who hack their character stats need to show off items they are getting when they could just give those stats to their characters anyway? :neutral:

And to be fair I am always teamed with my GF who is a Soothsayer and thus gain a few damage buffs from her.

03-12-2007, 11:30 AM
To give you a few reasons of why you have a lower dps in the character screen.

When dual wielding you only deal damage with one weapon, not both, and your attack speed suffers a penalty ( and is capped at something like 143 % ) but you gain the 2x ammount of weapon bonuses on both weapons. Still, you have the procs that conpensate that somewhat.

After that, you should look at the rogue skill set, there's nothing there that boosts your dps, excluding poisons and bleeding, since those do fairly little damage later on.

Now take a conqueror that has maxed only his strenght and is using +x % strenght items and such , he can get a few thousand strenght, boosting his dps greatly only from this, combined with the 173 % attack speed ( or whatever the cap was ) the titan, stun which does almost double damage when it procs ( f example, i have 45 % chance to stun with my level 30 conq and 50 % bonus damage when i do, for now ) or the defensive reaction skill which gives, when maxed out, 70 % damage and 24 % total speed. Then you should consider the fact that he's actually dual weilding since there are 3 skills that, when maxed out, give a 60 % chance to deal damage with both the mace and the shield.

Also , conquerors do constant criticals if shield smash and hamstring are maxed out , and when battle rage is activated , it's a rainbow of yellow numbers.

Don't forget the lower left 'artefacts' that have been added with IT, some are insane.

03-12-2007, 11:37 AM
other than what you are wearing, you really should use items with +%dmg and +%atk spd mod if you want a higher dps, like Ares' War Helm instead of helm of odyseuss for example

03-12-2007, 11:51 AM
To give you a few reasons of why you have a lower dps in the character screen.

When dual wielding you only deal damage with one weapon, not both, and your attack speed suffers a penalty ( and is capped at something like 143 % ) but you gain the 2x ammount of weapon bonuses on both weapons. Still, you have the procs that conpensate that somewhat.

After that, you should look at the rogue skill set, there's nothing there that boosts your dps, excluding poisons and bleeding, since those do fairly little damage later on.

Now take a conqueror that has maxed only his strenght and is using +x % strenght items and such , he can get a few thousand strenght, boosting his dps greatly only from this, combined with the 173 % attack speed ( or whatever the cap was ) the titan, stun which does almost double damage when it procs ( f example, i have 45 % chance to stun with my level 30 conq and 50 % bonus damage when i do, for now ) or the defensive reaction skill which gives, when maxed out, 70 % damage and 24 % total speed. Then you should consider the fact that he's actually dual weilding since there are 3 skills that, when maxed out, give a 60 % chance to deal damage with both the mace and the shield.

Also , conquerors do constant criticals if shield smash and hamstring are maxed out , and when battle rage is activated , it's a rainbow of yellow numbers.

Don't forget the lower left 'artefacts' that have been added with IT, some are insane.

Thanks for clarifying those things for me, I was under the impression that a character who seemed to be inclined only towards dps (dps warrior tree and rogue tree, the assassin) would outdps a class who was half and half dps and defense (the conquerer). I guess I was mistaken on this part.

Am I to take it from what you're saying that no matter of my stats, skill choices and gear I cannot reach the same dps as a conquerer of the same level/gear equivalent? If so I am sorely disappointed :(

EDIT- just to clarify, I don't mean DPS as it is listed on the char screen now, but moreover my general damage output and how fast I can kill mob packs/bosses.

03-12-2007, 11:59 AM
My guess, is they are increasing their stats with the defiler.

An easy way to check, especially with the new "view" feature,

is as follows;...

1 Take their level, and multiply it by 2
I.e. lvl 60x2 = 120

So they have 120 points to spend, each worth 4.
So they have 480 points to spend.

Now knowing this, its quite easy to see if someone is hacking their stats.

Did I mention I LUV the "Inspect Player" option :D

Now, every stat gets 50 to start, and around an additional 70ish from masteries. ( you can use the titan calc to figure it.)

Like a conquerer at lvl 63 has 101 str base, from masteries, with no points added.

So add like 480 to 101 = 591,

This all sounds like alot, but its really easy to see ingame. All you really do, is if their strength is around 600, they should have no points in other skills, like dex, hp, nothing. Thats if you invested all in str.

What I do, is take their lvl , x by 2, then by 4, add it to 50. If there preffered stat is around this total by give or take 100, it seems ok. The thing is if multiple stats are way high, or one is obsene, then I check a bit further.

It helps if you know gear, but you can check that too, as gear later on really boosts stats. Like my conquerer has i think near 1000 str at lvl 63 (I think its like 970 or something)

Just check their main stat, if they have others raised high, odds are...

The conquerer again, lvl 63, almost all points strength, its 970ish with full legendary gears, hp is 500 from 8 points. Its dex is like 260 ish, NO points, int is 50, energy 300.

So quite easily we see that it takes alot of points to get that high in 1 stat.

Another general rule is around lvl 60 ish you can hav around 1000ish in 1 stat, with no others boosted.

My paladin is split, due to gear reqs, and lemme tell ya its alot lower. DPS is around 1100,average damage is like 690ish. Strength (with all gear ON) is like 600ish, and dex is 300 ish, character level 57.... So use descretion, and use the inspect player feature to its fullest.

I have had to kick a few off my servers already, as I know what I see when I see it, and I like legit :) (if you coudn't tell by me having to figure all this lol)

03-12-2007, 12:13 PM
Its nice to know but not really what I was looking for, I mean I'm not too fussed if others hack their chars (I only play LAN with my gf) but really whether or not I can reach the same kind of damage output as a LEGIT conquerer with my legit Assassin.

Personally the stuff you wrote is too much maths for me ^_^

03-12-2007, 12:49 PM
Well, smokes, those two classes are fairly ballanced since the conquerors higher dps is offset by his means of applying it while your assassins comparative lower dps has the advantage of being easy to apply on more foes at once.

Check this link for a suggested skill path for your assassin:
TitanCalc by stonedonkey - A Titan Quest Calculator - Assassin (http://www.titancalc.com/TitanCalc.asp?mastery=Assassin&master1=6&master2=3&m1=32-0-6-0-0-0-0-0-0-12-0-0-12-0-0-8-0-0-8-0-0-0&m2=32-6-12-8-6-6-6-0-6-12-0-1-6-0-0-0-5-0-6-6-0)

This would give you pretty good damage, and using war wind to get into the pack of mobs quicker you should be fine since a short fight is the key to bringing your survivability up.

03-12-2007, 12:56 PM
Yeah, thats almost exactly the build I'm working towards, though I have maxed war wind and only 1 point in Battle Rage (the 11 extra points don't seem to make a huge difference IMO, if they do plz explain ^^). I also use Battle Standard to help in boss encounters as it's a really nice DPS and overall stats bonus.

BTW I am thinking of starting a caster class, and I am wondering what is essentially the best caster class for all out most powerful DPS, preferably with NO PETS and also hopefully a pure INT class.

03-12-2007, 01:12 PM
An oracle with these skills:

TitanCalc by stonedonkey - A Titan Quest Calculator - Oracle (http://www.titancalc.com/TitanCalc.asp?mastery=Oracle&master1=2&master2=8&m1=32-6-0-12-8-0-0-0-6-16-0-6-8-0-1-8-12-0-1-0-0&m2=32-0-10-0-0-8-0-0-1-0-0-0-6-12-0-0-5-12-0-8-0-0)

should pwn really really hard...

If you're botherd by the wisp, set it to defensive and it won't attack, for the rest it's ternions attack with a high damage staff, max intel and rare green items with attack speed, golden fleeces inserted , bonuses to elemental damage and as much life leech ( or attack damage converted to health ) items as you can get.

Allso , 1+ to all skills should be your highest goal on all items. You can get a green helm with +1 to all skills as early as level 30, check all shops the first time you see them since you have a much higher chance of really good items for sale.

If i recall , one can also get some green gloves with +1 to all skills from the medusae bosses in Act 1. You could try to farm them a few times, maybe you're lucky...

EDIT: From the lich king you're only interested in the soul blight spell since it kills the enemies resistances, there's no point in investing skills into other abilities since he'll have too many to choose from :) and for his shell you don't need to learn the death nova skill ( titancalc does not know this ;-) )

You should be able to do waves of 8000 dmg or such, after you have equipped yourself properly, and when you screw with your enemies resistances it's pretty much one hit kill...

03-12-2007, 03:29 PM
storm surge and deatchchill aura are worthless

in higher difficulty - hit from enemy=certain death
you HAVE to keep them at distance

dark covenant is also risky - too risky for me

i found some time ago another build that i testing now

TitanCalc by stonedonkey - A Titan Quest Calculator - Oracle (http://www.titancalc.com/TitanCalc.asp?mastery=Oracle&master1=2&master2=8&m1=32-0-0-12-0-0-0-0-0-15-0-6-0-0-1-0-12-0-8-7-0&m2=32-0-10-0-0-8-0-0-12-0-12-0-6-12-0-0-5-0-12-8-0-0)

03-12-2007, 03:32 PM
and rest for the build

Reason and Explaination:

Lightning Bolt & Chainlightning: One of the most powerful single damage spell in the game. This skill is fast to strike and hits instantaneously. It doesnt travel in a projectile like other spells, rather it hits almost immediately after cast. I chose this skill to compliment the ternion line because in legendary u sometimes have to face enemies that have an annoying ability to dodge (catwomen) and at times when i ternion attack these creatures, the projectiles just pass thru them leaving me open to an attack. Lightning solves this as it instantly stikes and kills them giving me time to concentrate on other mobs. Also, i get frustrated with the damn short enemies such as the turtles and mini demons who can sometimes run beneath my ternion attack, so I lightning them and problem solved. Lightning also has the ability to stun, has an aoe (if u upgrade chainlightning) and has a range that reaches as far as your character can see so you can strike down those enemies that run away from you and saves u the trouble of chasing them with ur ternion (since the range of ternion is limited). Another reason why i chose to have lightning is to reduce the monotony of endless ternion attacks. Ternion is powerful and u can use it alone without the need of the lightning bolt skill, but after playing for a while ull start to get really bored of the same repitition of ternion and having the ability to cast a bolt of two really adds life to ur oracle, not to mention u could kill enemies where ternion cant reach i.e. below cliffs etc.. Overall i recommend this powerful spell which can infact save ur life.

Wisp & Eye of storm (EoS): I know alot of people think the wisp just plain suck and i have to agree to some extent, however the wisp has an awesome skill EoS which gives all allies in a huge radius +100% elemental damage as well as an extra 33% cold and lightning resistance and its because of this alone that the wisp is worth having. I have only put 5 points into the wisp to unlock its "thunderclap" ability. Yes its true that the wisp does stay by ur side and at times wouldnt even budge when everyone else around u is dying but that doesnt mean that the wisp never actually goes out to do some damage and when enemies gets close, it sometimes goes out and starts attacking them. Having the thunderclap skill, which gives it an aoe ability to stun enemies all around it can be very useful and worth investing that bit of point into the wisp to acquire it. On another note, since the wisp has a 99% chance to dodge all attacks it can actually be good if u have the need to manually send it out into a mob or boss and watch it dance happy (i have sent the wisp against the legendary minotaur and although a long process it eventually killed him :P). People can just invest 1 point into the wisp and max out the EoS however i think having thunderclap is useful and it doesnt hurt that much to invest those 4 more points which can be acquired thru items anyway.

Squall & Obscure visibility: This is one of the best skills in the game and a must have if u have a storm line. It is great, i would choose the storm line if not purely just to get this skill. What it does is awesome and sometimes i think its a bit much (but who am i to complain :P). Why did i choose this skill? Lets just go through some of the benefits, Firstly at its absolute maximum (lvl 16) this spell has the AOE nearly the size of ur screen, although the graphics of the spell doesnt fill up the whole screen, the effects of this spell does. It has the ability to cause all projectiles (not just arrows but spells aswell) to miss 100% of the time and lasts for 6 secs. The rechrage of this spell is pretty quick and if u have good -%rechrge u can spam about 3 of this spell at once. furthermore, at lvl 16, it reduces the enemy's resistance by a huge %45 and for those who are in legendary this is a big, big thing. Also this spell does decent lightning damage over 6 secs and added to the fact that it has reduced the enemies resistance alot, this 6 secs of constant lightning damage is devastating especially if u cast 2 or 3. At legendary, i merely need to cast this spell once on a mob or archers and by the time the spell is finished, they were all dead. Now imagine 2 or 3 or even 4 grin . Not only that, this spell also reduces the enemies damage output by a massive %45, to my knowledge this applies to all damage and can save ur life especially if u somehow got hit. awesome, awesome spell.

Storm nimbus and its line: The storm nimbus line provides the best buff for ur ternion attacks (this is one of the reason storm beats earth in terms of buffs for ternion). I maxed out everything on this line because of the large boost in damage output it gives. Sure people can choose to pick only "Heart of Frost" if they are only using a cold damage staff or "static charge" if its lightning, however, what i found to be best is to max out both these skills as well as maxing out "Storm nimbus" as well, regardless of whether ur staff is of cold or lightning. My reasons- the skill storm nimbus has a chance to do either cold or lightning damage. Since this operates by chance i dont think the dps display in the game will accurately show the amount of damage increase it provides. However, all my items and skills gives such a huge increase in +% elemental damage that even something like +23 cold damage or +75 lightning damage will be massively boosted by all ur buffs. Putting 1 skill into storm nimbus will make u miss out on the base cold/lightning damage it provides and only maxing out either "Static charge" or "heart of Frost" will effectively make u miss out on the extra damage from either the added base cold or lightning. Since ternion is going to be my main source of damage, maxing out this line which effectively increases the damage output of not only my ternion attacks but also my spell powers is not at all wasted skill points and i highly recommend. Note: Storm nimbus itself wont increase ur spell power, only ur staff attacks (including ternion, it is the next two skills "Heart of Frost" and "Static charge" that will increase ur spell power as well as ur staff attacks.

Ternion & Arcane Lore: I dont think i need to explain why i chose these skills. Basically this skill is THE reason oracles are so powerful, at first uopn reading about this skill when tq first came out i thought bleh. But after seeing it in action i was overwhelmed with its sheer destructive power. A must have.

Liche King and its line: The liche king is tough...very tough. I have seen all the summons but none is as resilient and as powerful as the liche king. Even the core dwellor at legendary goes down faster than the liche king, in fact my liche king has single handedly killed epic typhon without a problem, and it didnt take him long too. Yes the coredwellor has an agrro holding ability but the liche king can also hold aggro, so long as u know how to use him. The liche king has been my trusty shield companion from early in the game right up to legendary olympia. There are many reasons why i think its a very good idea for an oracle to acquire the liche king.
1. The Liche king has a powerful normal attack that never misses (its not really a projectile but more like a homing "zap") that does vitality and elemental damage (these two damage types are rarely resisted by most enemies) that reduces the enemies health by a % and it also converts a % of this damage into health which it absorbs and heals himself with. Unlike other summons that requires the creature to get up close and chase after enemies, or summons that shoots projectiles as a normal attack and often at times misses, the liche does not have these problems.
2. The Liche king has an awesome ability called "Soul Blight" which not only has a large aoe which means it doesnt have to hit the enemy directly for the effects to take place, but it reduces their health by 33% (a percentage damage is great especially against powerful creatures and bosses), converts this damage to health and most importantly, reduces their resistance by 47 for a nice 8 secs. Again i cant stress enough the importance and usefulness of reducing enemy's resistance, especially once u get to legendary levels.
3. The liche king has the "Wraith Shell" ability which effectively makes it almost invulnerble. This skill provides the liche with a shield which he uses and keeps on constantly, absorbing damage by 70% (u can get this into the 80s) and a further boost of 33% damage resistance. If u are going to go liche king this skill is a definite must unless u wish to see him die constantly. This skill effectlive allows the liche king to take on mobs of enemies in legendary and at times he could even kill them off himself or at least hold out for a while more than enough time for me to react and ternion them.
4. The liche king if some of u havent yet noticed is "undead". If u have noticed when fightning undead creatures they are immune to poison and bleeding and vitality damage. This also applies to ur liche king which further enforces why he is the best pet and great tank.

On the flip note, i decided not to waste points into death nova because it not only very draining on his energy but often at times i noticed that he would instead of casting needed skills such as Soul blight, he would run and chase after enemies inorder to cast this spell which often misses since some of the enemies move fast. Another annoying thing i have noticed is that he would sometimes cast it even against 1 enemy which to me is pointless and waste of energy. i would rather have him cast soul blight and spectoral bolt more often and save the skill points for other skills. This is also the same reason i think arcane blast is not as effective as i had hoped. Not only is this skill kinda crappy unless u max it out or put substantial amount of points into it which is costly on ur skill points, and then even at max this skill has a very high tendancy to miss. The bolts spread out alot and often than not, only one and if ur lucky 2 bolts may hit the same enemy. the damage isnt all that great and the spell is very taxing on the liche mana so constant recasting of the liche is required inorder to maintain the liche with the ability to cast this spell. Also similarly, i find that the liches normal attacks i.e. soul blight and spectoral bolt is more devastating on the enemies and would rather him cast this more often than to was time spraying bolts into empty space. Although this spell does stun and if shot at a mob can hit and stun several of them. It can also be used on bosses if the liche is close enough to get all the bolts in but that being said, at legendary levels u will start to rely less on the liche king for damage and more on ur own damage capabilities. Having the lcihe king being able to enhance ur ability to kill (i.e. reduce enemies health and resistance) is more important in later difficutlies than having him try to do damage which is minimal at legendary anyway. However i have heard of people liking this skill and thats alright too, but personally for all the reasons i provided i prefer to do without.

Death ward: Death ward is chosen cause i find it to be a life saver in many situtaions. To repeat what i said in a previous post

"Deathward: Practically what this spell does is to protect u from death hence the name. How does it achieve this?

When an enemy does an attack that is meant to to kill you i.e. you have 15 life left and a legendary archer shoots an arrow that deals say 3000 damage. The damage of this arrow is negated and you are healed for the amount specified in the skill. The 3 seconds is kinda like the cool down probably to ensure that some people who have substantial -recharge wont be able to exploit this skill and become immortal. If after this 3 seconds and after the skill has recharged, ur protection from death is renewed.

However, between the time that the skill activates and the time of the rechrage, enemies have this open window to kill you so no ur not unkillable. Deathward is a very good skill that gives u a second chance i.e. to use potions, counter attack, run away or react. It is a lvl 32 skill for that reason and its very good. If ur gonna be an oracle this means ur very vulnerble to instant death hits which is why i recommend this skill. However that is only my opnion but considering it doesnt cost much to max i dont see why it shouldnt be invested in and once u get to high levels the xp loss will really stress u out but this skill gives u a second chance"

Summon Outsider: Okay i fianlly have 7 skill points remaining so i decided to invest in another summon. I find this guy useful as an extra tank and chose him above all the other remaining skills because at times when the liche king alone is having trouble keeping the mobs away from u, having an extra giant demon on ur side is a big bonus. Hes tough and has alot of hp and has great damage output (with the added buff from the wisp) and despite it having a slow recharge, u will find that u dont need to have him constantly on only when u really need to. My rationale- extra meat means extra protection. Also, although it doesnt show up in the skill description he does get a secret ability to cast lightning bolt at around this lvl so thats just a bonus that adds a bit of of graphics and fun with the oracle class.

I decided not to go with the dark covenant line because firstly the health costs can be at times dangerous and secondly, with all the other buffs from the spells and items having another +50% elemental damage is not really necessary or worth the life cost in my opnion. Thirdly i wanted to distribute the skills in what i think are more helpful and effective skills.

Thunderball and its line is terrible in my experince and since in legendary alot of enemies have stun reists, added to the fact that its a projectile that can miss and the fragments on impact are slow to realease and often miss enemies entirely. In that time i could have killed the enemies with ternion of lightning bolt. Freezing is great if u wanna make a quick getaway but i actually prefer the summon outsider as extra protections and do not intend to run away as much. On the flipside its a good skill in pvp and u can always respec if u need.

Stat point distribution: All my stats goes into intelligence

Reason and explaination: As far as i can tell, the best caster gears do not require str and since str only relates to ur physical weapon damage and such it has no value to an oracle, the same applies to dex. Energy, will not be a problem for an oracle with high int, and with the right gears as well as the availability of potions, putting points into energy i found to be wasted. Health, there has been many arguments over this issue but im going to reinterate that health is not important for a caster. Maybe for a melee character that has to get "up close and personal" with the enemies but a caster should at all costs not get hit especially in legendary where enemies can kill u in a few shots regardless of whether u have 2000 health or 4000 health. Your caster gear is not designed to meet full on attacks from enemies but rather the gears are more focused towards ur damage output so why not concentrate on what ur character essentailly is, a massive damage dealer with spells as ur protection, not ur armour, shields. Often it is ur spells that will protect u from death not the amount of health u got or the great armour u have. With this in mind, alot of melee characters are having a hard time in legendary despite the fact they have far better armour than u. If a class desgined to meet enemies head on are not doing so well with all their amour, theres no way that a caster can fair better. (on the flipside i know this doesnt apply to all melee chars as there are some that can go thru legendary fine). All stat points i put into int for these reasons, to up my spell power, my ternion power and my overall damage output. I shouldnt be hit in legendary especially when i have my tankers, spells i.e. squall and my devastating ternion .

The Items i used:

Head: Hersiones Golden veil
Reason: This head piece, although i admit makes my character looks flamboyant, is one of the best head pieces for a caster. Not only does it provide u with decent all round elemental resistance, but the amount of elemental damage it gives is substantial. The one i found and am currently wearing has +57% cold damage and +58% lightning damage along with other neat boosts to int, energy and energy regen and it tops off with a very welcomed -15% recharge. Great headpiece if u can get around the arabian dancer look.

Chest: Calypso's Cover
Reason: This is my favouite chest piece for my oracle especially with the +2 to all skills mod. There are to my knowledge only 2 legendary caster chest piece that offers the +2 to all skills mod, they are calypso and the vestment of the overlord. In my opnion i chose calypso becaus firstly i didnt like the idea of looking like a flamboyant tortoise with horsehair sticking out of my crotch and a huge weird hunch on my back. Aside from the looks Cal's armour offers decent piece resistance, a boost to int and dex (the vest doesnt), nice energy regen, lightning and cold resistance (the vest only offers 10% damage resistance which only refers to physical attacks and at legendary this resistance is negligable since getting hit in legendary means death anyway), and finally it grants the great skill ensnare would lasts for 3 secs and can be useful to stop those tougher enemies and even some bosses. The great thing about ensare is that it is a skill given by an item therefore it wont affect the recharge on other skills. further more the -% recharge does affect it so if u have a high -%rechage u can spam this skill repeatedly. Its also useful for pvp and to my knowledge the ensnare is not a "stun" attack so not many enemies will resist it even in legendary, except for those bosses. Overall i like this amour for its nice benits and also for its looks.

Arms and legs: I personally use very good greens with the added relic that increase +elemental damage and attack speed. However, i understand that not everyone will find these items easily so the most practical alternative is to use the archmage clasp which gives a good boost to ur attack speed, casting speed and -% recharge. It also boosts ur int and has a % chance of 47 reduced resistance for 3 secs which although minimal in terms of chance, can be quite helpful. For the legging if u dont find any good greens, to go for the archmage legging, simply cause it lets u run around faster to get away and its added set bonus os +150 to health and energy is decent.

Amulet: Shavos relic is in my opnion the best amulet for casters, i got this relic solely for the +50% elemental damage it provides which is huge. It also boosts int and dexterity, gives substantial boost to energy, provides 100% lightning resist. The best amulet for my oracle.

Rings: For rings i got 2 celestial bands. Each one provides my oracle with a boost of +33% elemental damage. the 2 combined is about 66% elemental damage. It also provides me with about 29% elemental resist each (very needed in legendary), a boost to int and energy. What i luv about these rings is the added +1 to heath/sec and +1 to energy/sec. This is different to the %energy or health regen as this adds to the base regen rate. This means that the %regen will be added ontop of this numeric regen rate so as to further enhance ur energy regeneration by a substantial amount considering all those +% energy regen items u have. getting +1 energy regen/sec on an item is very rare which is why i highly recommend these rings. As an added bonus, the ring also has a -10 reserved energy mod which is useful for my oracle since i use the storm nimbus line.

Weapon: Fingerbone of Boreus
Reason: This is an awesome and ridiculously powerful staff. There are no other legendary staffs that i could think of or any legendary weapon that has this mod.
"40 reduced resistance for 3 secs"- what does this mean? It means that every staff attack u make(this includes ternion), the enemy's resistance will be reduced by 40 which is quite substantial (i think this amounts to a 25% resistance reduction). Not only that, my staff has a huge +46% cold damage bonus further adding power to this staff. The reduce resistance mod effectively allows me to kill enemies faster than any other staff i have ever acquired. I found out that regardless of having a staff or a green with added zeus relics which shows a greater dps than fingerbone, the sheer killing power of the fingerbone staff is obvious during my tests as in legendary. Enemies all have high resist in legendary and despite having high dps it wont amount to much damage as oppose to the ability to reduce the resistance of these enemies and kill them off as such. Not only that eventhough its a cold dealing staff and u may think the cold resistant enemies i.e. the snow yetis may pose a problem but since it reduces resistance, they still go down pretty fast (add squall and its basically a 1 hit kill anyway grin )
Not only this, the staff provides +2 to squall, a very desirable skill for my build, and +2 to all storm skills. Having this staff and the +2 from calypsos cover shot all my skills from the storm line to its absolute maximum. The staff also gives boosts to int and another mod which is highly desirable for oracles is the +28% attack speed. If this staff is not designed for oracles i dont know what is happy

Whew, Thats just about everything i think, just finishing up, i dont intend nor do i perceive my build to be the only oracle build. I know there are heaps of great oracle builds out there, my intention is to provide a guideline and its up to people to decide what will work for them. Also for those who think i used a cookie cutter build, i have made this build up myself since tq first came out and from alot of playing and testing and finally found what skills and items works best for me, if this build mirrors anyone elses it is purely coincidence. Again this took alot of my time and i didnt want to post this up to tell people what to do, but rather as a guideline and sorta as a reference.

Also feel free to comment and critizise as long as its constructive with reasons.

I hope this help guys

Cheers grin