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Violet Gas S'Ngac
03-10-2007, 09:01 AM
1. Does damage from Envenom Weapon or base poison damage from rings (90 poison damage over 6.0 seconds, for example) apply on Posion Gas Bomb total poison Damage?
2. How sums Poison Damage? For example, I throw Poison Gas Bomb (100 Poison Damage over 6.0 seconds), then hit same monster by the weapon with 200 Poison Damage over 6.0 seconds. Will total Poison Damage be equal 300 Poison Damage over 6.0 seconds after that?
3. How works Reduce Resistance at impact by poison/elemental? What happens first? Applying of Reduce Resistance, and then counting of (increased) damage OR normal damage apllies in the beginning, and Reduce Resistance applies after that.
4. I has found some bug with relicts Venom Sac and Deseased Plumage: in TQVault complete bonus is "offensive_%poison_03", but in game these relicts are without complete bonus at all. Is it possible to correct it?
5. Does "Convert Damage to Health" works with attack by poison?
6. Does I understand correctly, that "+ X Total Damage" increases damage from poison too?

03-10-2007, 09:19 AM
2. When you hit the monster with the poison gas bomb, he'll start taking 16 2/3 damage over 6 seconds. When you hit it with the second weapon, it'll add 33 1/3 damage per second for six seconds. If you somehow hit a monster then poison it right away, THEN it will equal 50 damage per second for 6 seconds. However, I'm pretty sure that poison starts taking effect when you hit the monster (and the effect stacks based on when it hits), so you might have something like 16 2/3 damage per second for 2 seconds, 50 damage per second for 8 seconds, 33 1/3 damage for 2 seconds. Assuming the monster has no resistances and doesn't die first...

4. I think they work for me.

5. It probably depends on the attack and where you're getting the "Convert Damage to Health" from. I don't see why it wouldn't work. =)

I'm sorry that I couldn't answer all of your questions.