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03-08-2007, 02:34 AM
Since good item drops seem to have decreased again (see other thread) I (and other players, too, I presume) am now depending on items I collected with my old TQ chars and kept them with TQvault. I have a lot of blue and purple ones from earlier play (but not the best ones...) and have to transfer and use them with my new char due to increased difficulty of IT (even on normal).

I tried something I never tried before: there are some items reducing "-xx% to all requirements". since my storm/dream char is neither a real only-caster nor a real melee fighter I have to be flexible in gear depending on situation.
there is a blue item called "armor of somatophylakes", nothing special, 25% poison and elemental resist etc., but it has "-20% to all requirements". If combined with other items offering this feature you get insane possibilites to use stuff normally not suitable for not-specialized chars.
I have three pieces of the "crystal armor" set (purple). sword, helm and bracers and if you wear two of them you get additional -20% to all requirements. that means -40%.

Now I can wield shields and swords normally designed for strength-only based chars and have a far higher protection than a caster would normally have. especially some purple shields have good additional special protection (life leech, elemental etc.).

Do you also have some special strategies to overcome the increased difficulty of IT in combination with the bad drop rates to beat the game? I would really like to hear about different methods. :rockon:

03-08-2007, 02:54 AM
I am on level 14 and have 4 blue and 4 green items that all help the character type I'm playing. I think the item drop is just as good as tqhadesX3(or better).
Maybe you just aren't having any luck.

03-08-2007, 01:54 PM
Run a search on "Captain's Signet".

More useful for Greens than it is for blues and purples, because you can take a legendary character to the last town in Hades and do shop camping and farming for some greens with a level requirement down around where the twinkee is and send them over.