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03-07-2007, 08:06 AM
Greetings oh Tribunal of Titanquest.net!

Just saying an official 'howdy' after lurking on this board on and off since the weekend the original TQ was released. Did not have all that much to come out of the shadows to comment about, but thought I would step forward now.

Cheers to IronLore for continuing the franchise and producing a product that has breathed new life into an already great platform. Only have a bit over an hour in on IT, and am going back to the start so have not seen the new Act, but am already impressed with the work done. Very nice work, guys, and consider me a loyalist to your brand.

As an aside, a toast goes to the community as well, as you have all done very well keeping this forum alive, civil, and darn entertaining. A special thanks go to the Krewe of Modding, notably Bman, SoulSeeker, Raven, etc. Absolutely amazing - thanks!

Okay. Enough of the civilities. Back to hunting for new items. :D

03-07-2007, 09:24 AM
I totally agree!!! Thank you SOOOO much IL for a great product. With the tons of new features (my personal favorite being the caravans) and a slew of new items and new artifacts to create, you have created and built more on a great and hugely replayable game.

Thanks again IL :D

03-07-2007, 09:36 AM
Welcome Pete and Max :)

Hope you find this little corner of the TQ world a pleasant one!

Regards & Good Hunting!