View Full Version : Is AGP4x to blame for reccomended specs running slow?

06-29-2006, 09:58 AM
*edit* Ignore this post. A post on this board and an article I just found showed me 4x is a big bottleneck on my card. Guess that would be the problem.

I'm suprised even Oblivion runs better than this game. I'm not only well above the minimum requirements but meet every single recommended requirement except a slightly slower processor. I use:

- P4 @ 2.8ghz
- Asus N6800 512mb (6800 chipset) (latest drivers)
- 1 gig ram
- Windows XP home edition
- SB Live card
- A recent format, about a week ago.

I can run Prey, Oblivion, Fear, etc all smoother than this game using medium/high settings. But this game I have to run at everything set to low except medium shadows and high texture quality just to consistently get above 30fps. And that is with 800x600 or 1024x768. And even then when running into a fight or town, fps will lower for a few seconds to the 10-20 area and then start to level out again after a couple seconds. This is frustrating because not only do I have to play with most thing set to low, but I'm even using a 6800 which is the recommended base card to use, and this game was supposedly built to perform best on Nvidia cards. My friend has a 9800 ATI pro card and runs just as good if not better than I do which is a little bit of a suprise.

The only downfall to my system is my motherboard is quite old and only supports AGP4x. Now I always have heard "there really isn't much of a difference between AGP4x and 8x" in the past; but this was refering to older card lines. Does anyone know a link to, or have information about at what point (and what card series) AGP8x will make a strong improvement in improving performance? I've tried to find this information elsewhere but couldn't find anything pertaining to actual facts of how much AGP4x might be bottlenecking my 6800's capabilities. I'd hate to buy a new Mobo and switch to 8x only to see it barely do anything.

Thanks for any information or advice. I think a patch or tweak that removes shadows might seriously help. I disable shadows in nearly every single other game since they don't do much for me anyway and work wonders on improving performance. Hopefully Ironlore lets us remove shadows as a performance improvement option like just about every other game allows.