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11-14-2006, 05:15 PM
i seriously don't like the character balance in Titan Quest. Me and a friend played through normal difficulty, me as a brigand, he as a fire/storm user. He killed everything in one spells, area of effecting every single spot, it wouldn't matter if i were there or not. Untill lv 30 i had not one sort of area effect skill for my brigand, having to go one on one on large packs of monsters (this really doesn't belong in a game such as this !). From the moment i got the scatter shot, i thought, yay, aoe damage. the range s*cks, the damage was good in normal, but besides that, really ... same for volley, the only skill i had hoped to catch on with my pyromancer friend sank all expectations. Why the hell only 16% chance, i mean, it's freaking hard enough already to do actually DO damage as a brigand. i'm in epic now, and all i can say is, 'wth, why do i play this character, if i make a pyromancer, it's flame everything in one spell' (and he does still kill everythung in once spell). This is abosultely absurd, the scatter shot is starting to have no effect at all anymore, the multishot occurs WAY to less ( why didn't you guys make it an active skill in the first) and only 3 arrows? again, wth? i can NEVER hit anything that is standing behind me with scatter shot, this is extrordinary frustrating, seeing your friend kill everything on sight while you run there, being absolutely useless. and this goes for most of the classes!

11-14-2006, 07:55 PM
i take it youre not using 1.20? because right now scatter shot is awesome, brigands are extremely strong and casters got quite an amount of passive nerfs. apart from that, theres always chars that are good at the start and worse later. for casters, the main damage hardly increases from lvl 30 onwards since their main attack skill is maxed then.

btw brigands are and have been the highest single target dps damage dealers out there by a mile. brigand issues are energy and if youre careless life but damage definitely should be very low on the list

11-14-2006, 09:50 PM
Hes using a bow. Bow briagands are not huge dps guys (melee brigands are of course another issue).

That said, I agree that looking at what happens in normal is stupid. Everything does well in normal. Just because something is doing a bit better then doesnt mean anything, since you really care about what happens in legendary. Brigands start to do real well there.

11-15-2006, 12:00 AM
Krazikarl is right.

You will notice in Legendary that everything balances out, magic users have a much tougher time, because of low armor and defense. They have to do a lot of damage and stay distant. Brigands have it better, and once you develop the marksmanship tree(+ a few energy leech), bows can be awesome in legendary, mix that with fumble and confuse from the Rogue tree and you get monsters running aimlessly around whilst you pick them off. Each class has a different style of play, some seem to do better in normal but later on it takes a lot more effort to play.
I normally use Epic difficulty as a gauge on how well my character is developing.