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10-22-2006, 12:59 PM
Entire Tracker's Set(hunter)
Entire Eternal Ward of Tartarus set
Raiment of Xi'Gua(chest)
Artemis' Silver bow
battlemage greaves
Pan's Headdress(helm)
Chiron's Loop(ring)
Hera's Shield
Protean Armor(chest)
Helm of Odysseus
Rhesus' Whitewashed Armor
Qi Bai's Robe
Archmage's Mantle(chest)
Helm of Darkness
Mora-Go's Armor
Stymphalian Talon(weapon)
Amen-Ra's Magebane(weapon)
The Furies(weapon)
Shield of the Korybantes
Zhu Rong's Firebow(bow)
Conqueror's Brain-cage(helm)
Conqueror's Bracers
Eidolon Shell(shield)
Verdant Plate(chest)
Eye of Flame(neck)
Celestial Band(neck)
Athena BattleGreaves(leg)
Aphrtide Favor(neck)
Stymphalian Talon(Blade)
Alexander's Cuirass(chest)
Azuresilk Vestment(chest)
Hector's Shimmering Shield
Alexander's Pelta(shield)
Senbi's Clasp(arm)
Robes of Sidiros Loros(chest)
Raiment of Logos(chest)
Huo Qubing's Helm
Bone Bracers(arm)
Bone Helm
Bone Greaves(foot)
Pendant of Immortal Rage(nect)
Dionysus' Jerkin(chest)
Geras' Walking Stick(staff)
Teucer's Warbow(bow)
Bellerophon's Legging
Riddle of the Sphinx(Staff)
Assassin's Shroud(helm)
Etruscan Cuirass(Chest)
Necklace of Harmonia(neck)
Ring of Gaia(ring)
Apollo's Will(ring)
Amazonian Spear
Bellerophon's Legging
Leatherskin Shield
Shield of the Hideous Visage
Thorny Maul(mace)
Atropos' Assistant(axe)
Certhas Plate(chest)
Archmage's Leggings
Staff of Elysium
Demeter's Sorrow(mace)
Achilles Shield
Zeno's Third Paradox(shield)
Greaves of the Nemean Lion(foot)
Mindrage Robe(chest)
Sun Disc(shield)

Blue Item
Rogues Harness(chest)
Meriones' Bow
Pythagorian Medallion(neck)
Hunter's Armor
Hunter's Arm Guard(arm)
Warrior's Plate(chest)
Tendon Ripper(bow)
Spectral Warbow(bow)
Scholar's Bangle(arm)
Bite of Anubis(digger)
Ramses' Coat(chest)
Ben'haamon's Kilt(chest)
Warden's Arm guard(arm)

Green and Yellow Item with good affaix and prefix
If interest, PM me for more detail on the greens

Relentless Blackthorn Mongolian Gung of Alacrity(green)
+64%atk spd

Colossal Azurite Assyrian Longspear of Falcon(green)

Veteran's Galantium Razor Mace(green)

Relentless Galantium Palstave(green)

Dire Azurite Executioner's Axe of Havoc(green)

Sacrificial Tellurium Charm (green)
+32% Exp Increase
-60% Health

Colossal Blackthorn Huntmaster's Bow of Annihilation(yellow) with complete Valor of Achilles
Base 163-180
+58% DMG
+38-56 Bonus DMG
+25 bonus dmg

Piercing Willow Mongolian Gung of Annihilation(yellow) with complete Valor of Achilles
base 143-153 <- something like that
+59% DMG
37-48 Piercing DMG
+25 bonus dmg
+18% Atk Spd

Halloved Coronal(green) helm
53% vit dmg res
+1 health/sec
+21%energy gen
+1 to ALL Skill

Azurite Dragon Mace of Reckless Power(green)with complete Valor of Achilles
can't remeber base, but u can check base dmg of a dragon mace in chang'an
+54% Dmg
+8% Total Strength
+11% Atk Spd
+25 bonus dmg

Veteran's Turanite Assyrian Longspear(green)with complete Valor of Achilles
Verteran's Galantium Liuyedao(green) +% spd and dmg
Juggernaut's Plated Turanite Suit(green) +20% dmg and other stuff

All Weapon are lengendary stats. with charm u can get the +% dmg to 60% and +%spd to 30% depend on charms. +60% dmg is huge, especially with lengend weapon

make offer.
lookinf for Ares' War Helm, Shavo's Relic, Seal of Hephaestus, Eye of Horus, Hermes' sets, Hesione's Golden Veil, Black Pearl of Rumination, Myrmidon's Pendant, HIGH %dmg apollo will, athena battlegreave, conquer bracer Pendant of Immortal Rage, Celestial band and Polaris.

Sorrows End
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