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J Bone
01-27-2006, 01:45 PM
Equipment Stats

Over at Titan Quest Vault there are screenshots of some Weapons and Armor in the game. Both categories; armor and weapons all have general statistic, and some more powerfull ones have special modifiers.

I will be updating this page as more and more information is released. For example things like equipment modifiers(magical properties), specific weapon types(falcata sword), and specific armor parts(carapace chest plate).

There are over 1,500 pieces of custom equipment art, and most of it is used for unique items. There are several different classes of unique equipment. There are common and rare drops of special monster equipment like the Outrider's Tunic and these are the lowest level of unique loot. Outrider's Tunic is a special piece of centaur armor. A Centaur is larger than the player, so if you killed him, he'd drop a player-wearable Outrider's Tunic that had exactly the same attributes and looked very similar. Additionally, there are hundreds of pieces of rare Epic and very rare Legendary loot, much of which was inspired by ancient mythos. Finally, common equipment and the special monster equipment can appear imbued with magical properties by our magical randomizer system. All monsters and the items they drop are randomized, so no two play-throughs will be the same. Monster type, numbers, level, and the items they drop will all be varied. If you see a certain monster with a weapon or armor you would like to have after killing that monster it will drop what it had equiped. Be fore warned that monsters can use the magic of their equipment against you. Enemies never possess any items that do not make sense or seem illogical for their race or class.

New facts
-Armor and weapons will have statistical requirements on them.

All weapons appear to have these general stats on them:

DMG Input:
Avg DMG:
DMG Min:
DMG Max:

We have seen evidence of many varieties of the following weapons:


Some weapons can have special modifiers on them. I will be updating the names of these modifiers (as well as the modifiers for armor) as we learn them. Here are some examples of the modifiers:
- # % Chance of Fire Dmg (Cold Dmg,ect...)
- + # % Attack Speed
- # % Fire Resistance
- + # Damage (Cold, Fire,ect.)
- # % Chance of #% Reduced Total Speed for # of seconds
- + # Elemental Resistance
- # % Attack Speed
- + # % Offensive Ability
- # % Chance of Confusion for # seconds
- # - # Bonus Damage
- # Life Leech for # seconds
- # Energy Leech for # seconds
- # % Chance of # - # Cold Dmg
- # % Chance of # - # Pierce Retaliation
- Grants Level # Battle Rage
- # % Chance of # % Physical Dmg
- #- # Pierce Dmg (Cold Dmg, Fire Dmg, ect...)
- + # Strength,Intelligence,Vitality...

Weapons can come in sets:
[Neanderthal Marauder Set - Part 1 of 5]
[Children of Ares Set - Part 1 of 3]
[Crystalline Array Set - Part 1 of 5]

Armor pieces also have general stats but not as many:


From Screenshots we have learned that there will be several types of equipable armor.
We have seen evidence of:

-Body armor
http://mediaviewer.ign.com/ignMediaPage.jsp?media_id=3091192&object_id=693967&channel_id=227&page_title=Titan+Quest+Interview+-+Part+1&adtag=network%3Dign%26size%3D468x60%26channel%3Drp gvault%26site%3Drpgvault_hub%26channel%3Dfeatures% 26type%3Dpartner
http://mediaviewer.ign.com/ignMediaPage.jsp?media_id=3091194&object_id=693967&channel_id=227&page_title=Titan+Quest+Interview+-+Part+1&adtag=network%3Dign%26size%3D468x60%26channel%3Drp gvault%26site%3Drpgvault_hub%26channel%3Dfeatures% 26type%3Dpartner

Some examples of special modifiers on Armor are:
- # % Fire Resistance (Cold Resistence ect...)
- + # to Earth Mastery (Spirit Mastery ect...)
- + # % Life Regeneration
- + # % Energy Regeneration
- # % Chance of Slow Speed Retaliation for # seconds
- + # % Life Leech Resistance
- + # % Life Drain Resistance
- + # % Fire Dmg.
- # % Chance of # - # Fire Retaliation
- Immunity to Fire Dmg
- # % Life Resistance
- + # Life
- + # Racial Bonus Defense vs. Undead
- # - # Energy Burn for # seconds
- Immunity to Life Leech
- # Pierce Resistance
- # % Chance of # % Protection
- # Shield Attack Damage
- # % Chance to Block # Damage
- # % Cooldown Reduction
- Grants Level One Battle Rage
- + # Offensive Ability
- + # Defence Ability
- + # Strength

Armor also come in sets:
[Firewalker's Suit Set - Part 1 of 4]
[Necromancer's Habiliment Set - Part 1 of 5]

I'm sure all the special modifiers have certain names we just haven't learned them yet. Please let me know if there are any errors or if there is something I can do to make the post better. Thanks

01-27-2006, 02:36 PM
well the main thing at this point is that *to me!* the thread is somewhat useless.. i mean though the info is here i still don't know what half of that stuff does or means.. (eg. Pierce? Pierce Retaliation? Confusion? Battle Rage? etc) i'm not sure whether i should regard all this as skillmods or just 'normal' mods on the items..
plus all this has come from the vault.. and I have the vault as a fav in my list, checking it at least weekly, so i knew all of this already since it's really easy to find..

my 2cts, don't want to offend you or anything!

OK 501105 (after reading my recent replies in your threads) told me i was being a bit harsh, and maybe i seem to be, but it's not ment that way!
so if you want me to explain my views on this thread and maybe your other one, send me a PM :)