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  1. Naked Hardcore Challenge
  2. The 0 Deaths XmaX Challenge
  3. The Ultimate Immortal Challenge
  4. The TitanQuest Achievement Thread!
  5. Official TQ:IT leaderboard
  6. The Hardcore Secret Passage Challenge
  7. The ‹berchallenge
  8. The Hardcore UBER Challenge
  9. Live Off The Land Challenge
  10. Mercy Challenge
  11. Diary of a Madman :: The Uber Challenge and Me
  12. What to do now that I'm Uber and bored?
  13. The flame marathon....
  14. The Hooligan/Chav/Hoodie Challenge
  15. Ultimate Legendary/Epic Drops
  16. Eric The Red's 0 Death Xmax Challenge (redux) - paste progress here
  18. Twinking: Highest DPS lvl 3?
  19. The True Hero Challenge
  20. For the holidays
  21. The "Earn your bought loot" Challenges
  22. Ordinary Weapons, Shields And Armor Only...
  23. Collecting advices and knowledge for a speedrun
  24. What Char to Play for XMAX Challenge?
  25. The Adventures of Gillian the Untwinked 0-Death Templar!
  26. The Hardcore Uber Challenge Round Two
  27. The Hardcore Uber Underlord Challenge
  28. Xmax challenge and Uber challenge-post your progress here
  29. Achievement Challenge
  30. Mikhailtk's Uber Mod 0 Death Attempt & Challenge
  31. Can the common man be a hero? lets see about that.
  32. Return of the Hardcor Xmax challenge.
  33. No Potion Challenge
  34. Shadow Blade's "Item of the Century Challenge"
  35. Shadow Blade's "All You Can Beat Challenge"
  36. Shadow Blade's "Master of the Masteries" Achievement Diary
  37. The Titan Quest Achievement Thread
  38. House rules
  39. Martial arts style
  40. give me cd key of titan quest plzzzz
  41. Darklighter's Class Completion Challenge!
  42. Time Trial Challenge
  43. No potion, no merchant
  44. Asylum101 Xmax Challenge Stream
  45. Bonobo4 presents: The Hardcore Xmax Challenge
  46. D2I Random & Hardcore Challenge (Re-post)
  47. Titan Quest: Immortal Throne -- OSTAS (Open Storage Tool Assisted Speedrun)
  48. This is SPARTA
  49. Naked Hardcore Challenge revived
  50. Yellows only Challenge
  51. Titan Quest: Unmastered!
  52. Untwinked Hardcore Triathlon Challenge
  53. M4ssboss3s Hardcore Challenge
  54. Avatar of Thanatos