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  1. Relic/Charm Farming 2.0
  2. Artifacts Excel Document (Final)
  3. Artifact Info
  4. Hammer of the Sun
  5. How Much Longer is Act 4?
  6. Elysian Soldiers FTW!
  7. Where to farm Fiery Legion gear?
  8. Best Legendary set for Dual Wielder??
  9. About the Secret Passage...
  10. Where to find Armor of Achilles???
  11. Gear...
  12. Green Affixes
  13. plz somone tel lme how to get pet????
  14. how to heal my pet?
  15. about dream class SKILL Psionic Touch help
  16. Overlord turtle and Wardens Key
  17. Help I Am In Act 3 Last Quest
  18. hi its me again i need help :D
  19. i get weird item from hero monster!
  20. Where to get Ritual amulets?
  21. what is ritual amulet???
  22. Best gear for conqueror?
  23. i just start play epic dificulity i want ask smht
  24. about purple items on epic
  25. anyone tell me details about secret pasige
  26. Shards of Erebus
  27. where is secret passage
  28. Nice Easter Egg Item I found
  29. Question about relic/charm
  30. TQIT's Ultimate Armour?
  31. achilles shield
  32. Where to farm tracker set!
  33. The Gameplay Videos Thread
  34. Holy... A legendary on normal?!
  35. Relic questions
  36. Nessus -EPIC- This much drop in first run?
  37. Why not to farm for purples or MI's always.Read
  38. Health bar text colour
  39. Its a problem?
  40. got -% resists
  41. About +skills...
  42. Hale rings help where to get..
  43. Really need some help!!!
  44. List of scrolls?
  45. Difference between "damage absorption" and "damage reduction" ?
  46. Overpowered weapons...?
  47. Raiment of Carnus farming
  48. behind the water fall
  49. Help im stuck:p
  50. immortal throne stole my weapons!!!
  51. Epic Difficulty Bosses in TQ:IT
  52. Any other green greaves for Legendary Ranger? (dex based)
  53. What in the HELL... :)))))))))))
  54. Nice armour....i think
  55. Epic vs Legendary sp (overlord's passage) gear-wise?
  56. Where can i found Flame Gem?
  57. Quest item dropped by Hades
  58. Bow Haruspex is owning Legendary: downgrade gear?
  59. Location of bosses from Epic/Legendary.
  60. Ismene's armor of Shelter, nice specs
  61. Is TQ recmended for TQ Imortal Throne?
  62. Where can i get Conqueror`s Mark and Kingslyer ?
  63. What does Toxeus drop in the Secret Passage?
  64. Arcane Formula Analysis
  65. Monster attacks/skills that don't seem to do anything
  66. STarted IT recently, what did it add onto TQ?
  67. it question
  68. Hai yall - looking for hoodies
  69. Artifact advice
  70. Where to find parchments?
  71. Just checking
  72. Item * from Secret Passage
  73. Newest patch for IT
  74. top end armours
  75. Quirks in the storyline
  76. overlord
  77. game slows down
  78. TQ collector
  79. Yellow sets??
  80. Question About Finding Blue or Purple Items
  81. List of MIs (names only)
  82. Good artifacts?
  83. Are Pets "really" reliable?
  84. Unnamed Armor set
  85. Secret passage drops
  86. What is that Hades attack ??
  87. Uniques with affixes?
  88. A question about attack speed and final items. Mostly.
  89. Modify Character Max. Level
  90. Why is Sapros so good?
  91. General Questions
  92. In need of advice.
  93. Chang'an, Emperor's Clay Soldiers, The Ghost
  94. Legendary Completed...
  95. Help!please..
  96. dressup :D
  97. Looking for drop list per act
  98. Through Hell and Back in a Day - How to Spend the Perfect Saturday!
  99. I Beat Hades!
  100. Legendary Completed
  101. [Guide] Gilded Dead locations in the Valley of the Kings
  102. Hades one-shot kill?
  103. Memories of a veteran battlemage
  104. Save Game - Immortal Throne
  105. Dependencies graph-based diagram for artifacts
  106. Do old TQ (non-IT) characters "need" to be run through IT?
  107. dont feel like playing legendary anymore.......... why...?
  108. caravan driver vs tqvault ?
  109. question on potion ?
  110. Immortal Throne Community Bugfix Fanpatch Version 1.17a
  111. tq gold edition
  112. Farming Formulas
  113. evoker ( dream + earth ) best character ?
  114. no night
  115. evoker vs warden Hades ?
  116. Which patch
  117. Question: Legit one-shotting Hades' forms?
  118. Which scrolls as quest rewards?
  119. Folg farming. I'm confused