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  31. Easy class for Act 3 & 4.
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  33. Starting New Nature Character
  34. I need some Conqueror suggestions =]
  35. Looking for weakest/hardest class
  36. What class(es) are best for first/main char?
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  38. Oracle build
  39. Leveling Masteries
  40. Warlock Build
  41. Spirit build
  42. Good "Fire and forget" class
  43. Best combo for pet-heavy multiplayer party?
  44. trapper?
  45. Skill-Dependent Build
  46. damage character
  47. mage class
  48. recommendation for next char
  49. the hardest classcombis?
  50. New Player - CO-OP synergy questions.
  51. Storm + ??????....
  52. Starting a Elementalist, which to start with?
  53. "Best" spear class?
  54. Swords good for Brigand or Haruspex?
  55. Trance of Convalescence+Dark Covenant=win?
  56. Any way to make Ternion "homing" again?
  57. Psionic Touch/Burn good for a Haruspex?
  58. Which combos benefit by using a one hand weapon and shield?
  59. Evoker Guide
  60. Question about my Caster/Pet Diviner....
  61. Fun classes?!
  62. Titan Quest101
  63. Best character to go HOG WILD with
  64. need advices for toon
  65. Melee oriented classes
  66. So what is a good Sword+Shield/Spear+Shield combo?
  67. Nature+Dream+2 Reflection rings=profit?
  68. Caster Gear Help?
  69. What should my Last Class be?
  70. I can't decide which class to use!
  71. Looking for a class too? Become a...
  72. Is it possible to untrain?
  73. Auramancer elementalist
  74. [Pet] Vit, Damage or Elemental?
  75. best clas to begin
  76. Worst character class?
  77. So many options!
  78. Need another class to do opinions?
  79. Group help
  80. class for bored person
  81. Veteran - Rogue + ???
  82. Best/Most Power Pure Caster Class?
  83. kick ass class
  84. assassin
  85. Melee Pet Master
  86. What class is right for me? Need help.
  87. Is a Minion Focus Viable?
  88. builds
  89. Conquerer Pro's Please Reply.
  90. Warden w/ Spear
  91. Paladin
  92. [ELEMENTALIST] Cartouche Ring
  93. Very new to Titan Quest, and looking to begin a caster! :)
  94. prison key
  95. Maces and Clubs for what class(es)?
  96. Templar-Too easy?
  97. Dream vs Titan quest Immortal throne.
  98. Need help being a Tank
  99. Starting co-op / choosing classes
  100. Need some tips for building a Bone Charmer (Hunting + Spirit)
  101. Bot/advertiser in Earth subforum
  102. Quick Overview of Classes and What They Do
  103. need help with templer please
  104. Cant find the right class?
  105. Looking for strong melee build
  106. Looking for some help
  107. Need some advice on a few build idea's
  108. New Ranger seeking skill advice.
  109. Need some help optimizing my slayer build
  110. AoE class
  111. Haruspex Info
  112. Have 3 chars at level 11, not sure which to play.
  113. question about masteries
  114. New to TQ
  115. Hello:)
  116. Which is Strongest Build to start with?
  117. Challenging build!
  118. Evoker - Poinas build?
  119. The Champion Build
  120. Need a new class to play
  121. Which 5 unique builds would you play from scratch?
  122. Any reccomendations?
  123. Pure pet master
  124. What to play!
  125. Recommended classes?
  126. Which for SP and which for MP?
  127. Spear class???
  128. Im the newb of newbs lol. So a few questions..
  129. Is this a good choice
  130. Rogue
  131. Caster Suggestions
  132. Conqueror Woes
  133. What's the best pure caster class in the game.
  134. Newbie to TQ~
  135. Hade's treasure's last empusa and spell breake/shock synergy questions
  136. Evoker help
  137. What would make a good duo for multiplayer?
  138. Best meele class?
  139. How does the bow playstyle work?
  140. starting 2nd character today whats best??
  141. Can a skill define a mastery?
  142. Looking for non-overpowered classes, wondering if it gets harder.
  143. Thinking of starting new character any ideas of a good class?
  144. Would like suggestions on a different class...
  145. I want a second class to go with earth, to put out good dps...
  146. Party builds for 3, what do you think?
  147. Choosing a class- any advice appreciated!os
  148. Fighter Battlemage item choices
  149. petmancer no kills no death idea
  150. can not decide
  151. Help me pick a class!
  152. Correlating TQ toons with TV/Movie heroes.
  153. In general...good classes and classes i should avoid?
  154. Early Game AoE/Survivability
  155. Dream and Spirit Help
  156. Diviner Problems
  157. Question about duo, Ritualist and Spirit/? in XMax
  158. Stat point distribution
  159. [novice] Class help?
  160. help for a diviner
  161. Help Choosing Next Class
  162. best class vote?
  163. Weirdest builds u have ever done
  164. Need help with hunter and mage classes :/
  165. conquerer
  166. Returned player need some class advices
  167. A question about pet Ritualists and grouping
  168. What masteries go well with a Storm caster?
  169. Pet classes
  170. If you Have Beat the Game with Craploads of Different Builds, PLEASE READ!
  171. So much choice...
  172. Need help with Evoker
  173. Hybrid question
  174. Mastery question.
  175. I have accidentally chosen the wrong class, argh ! Any way around it ? :(
  176. achillies mod
  177. i need the worst class possible!
  178. Thinking about a melee int char, but not totally sure how to go about it.
  179. -100 recharge
  180. Staff-based Casters
  181. What specs for Normal difficulty Co-op?
  182. Anyone ever play unarmed character?
  183. vote for!...the best multiplayer class
  184. Champion Warfare/Nature
  185. Slayer
  186. Spell class ideas.
  187. trident?
  188. TQIT - Juggernaut BUILD
  189. Cleric
  190. Ritualist - Build
  191. The Varden
  192. tips on spellcaster class
  193. possible characters/builds i might play, just want some tips
  194. Funniest class to play?
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  196. Heroes of old
  197. Cannot get a real start on the game
  198. Rate my Prophet build
  199. Nuker
  200. Not -100% recharge caster?
  201. Necromancer
  202. Need ideas on what class to play next
  203. Need help with my "Mage Knight"
  204. What's an optimal farming class?
  205. Thinking of trying something new.
  206. Broken skills.
  207. I wanna have tons of fun. Recommend!
  208. Im creating a new class.
  209. Promising classes
  210. warden vs templar
  211. a guide i never managed to find
  212. The classes considered failures
  213. Taking a break from GD, need a bad TQ character suggestion
  214. Do you think DW Warrior, or Spear Hunter, or a Defender would be best?
  215. Thinking of trying a conqueror.
  216. Which masteries for an archer?
  217. Melee juggernaut or melee evoker?
  218. Cannot decide a char for zero death
  219. Hi guys
  220. With what Mastery should i start Defense or Warfare for Conquerer
  221. I just got this game and I have some questions.
  222. Most reallocable potentially hybrid class
  223. With the changes, which setup is the new king of solo?
  224. Titan Quest: AE (Pet Champion)
  225. Elementalist- what are my options?
  226. Help with AE pet noobQoL build
  227. what type of armor is used for pet master class
  228. best passive killer class