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  1. Just a little something.
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  3. Conqueror's Panoply
  4. Athena's Battle Greaves
  5. The Overlord.
  6. A completed(?) Magi set
  7. Haruspex guide set!!!
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  9. Need TEMPLAR items please who has :D
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  13. Deathrattle!
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  16. earth gear
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  18. How does one go about trading?
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  20. Need good caster gear
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  22. Trading - does anyone still bother?
  23. I need Animus
  24. ubber xp cheat rings
  25. Looking for Tracker Armour Set,
  26. Need artifact amberflask
  27. Not entirely sure where to post this...sorry
  28. Trading for Ranger equipment
  29. Kar'tak journal
  30. Need a Brigard's Axe
  31. The game would be so much more popular in terms of trading if.....
  32. Need the scroll of onerios can anybody help?
  33. Selling Borealis Bow from epic for any platebody from epic and for a level of 33-38.
  34. Looking for some items
  35. Lilith mod. I need the magnus flower
  36. 5 More to go.
  37. Need Babylonian Shield/ Bracers
  38. Collecting Stonebinder's Cuffs (Share yours!)
  39. Legendary Rage of Ares
  40. LF: x2 Essence of Artemis's Bowstring
  41. LF: Items from sets (Labyrinthine Warsuit, etc.), Monster Charms, Relic Shards.
  42. looking for both ritualist and ..... of convocation items
  43. A Different Kind of Trade...
  44. looking for items for a pet mancer
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  46. ItemDropper
  47. Best area for pristine plumage
  48. Need legendary set
  49. [WANT] Imperial Rainment
  50. proioxis wanted :D
  51. Need following green items (with pics)
  52. looking for oracle and theben set pieces
  53. noobie question
  54. Knot of Isis and Dienekes's shades
  55. Items usefullness
  56. question about weapons and armor.
  57. Sacred crystal ring and other items
  58. Too much gold?
  59. Does iznu drop eldritch bow?
  60. Rings of dexterity
  61. free overlord for all!
  62. "Alcynoneus" armor?
  63. Need Warrior's Panoply set (minus chest armor)
  64. Looking for Apollo's will. Hydra will NOT drop
  65. Harrowing staff
  66. Khan's Hunting Harness
  67. Looking for a Legit Trader