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  1. What are you listening to right now?! Vol. 2
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  9. So what does everybody think about the new sections?
  10. An Angel appears to you and asks you to live in Titan Quest forever!!! Do you agree?
  11. if this was on TV while you were eating dinner, would you stop eating?
  12. Would you ever do this to a hot beautiful young blonde girl?
  13. How clumsy are you? I mean how often do you hurt yourself by accident?
  14. Your cablecar is burning and will explode. Do you jump or stay?
  15. Your Dad is a super entrepreneur and he wants to open a McDonalds here. Do you agree?
  16. You are a talking whale called to testify in the crash of the Ady Gil.. wat do u say?
  17. You are a superhuman alien hiding on Earth and you get hit by a car.. wat do you do?
  18. Would you agree to become a werewolf if this had to happen every time?
  19. Would you borrow this girl's golf clubs?
  20. How would you......?
  21. How do you prefer your pizza: Round or Square, Small or Large Slices?
  22. I'm officially addicted to my iPhone...
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